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What are they saying about Salesfusion marketing automation

  • Damion Chatmon
    Cleveland Cavaliers

    The Cavaliers use Salesfusion to drive a variety of marketing initiatives with the application that turn leads into season ticket holders – fast.

  • Trish McLoughlin
    Managed Maintenance

    Managed Maintenance, Inc. needed to track leads. Now the marketing team is empowered to make decisions based on real data and ROI.

  • Frank Buell
    Buell & Associates

    Buell & Associates needed a tool that would allow them to combine all of their marketing efforts in one spot. See how Salesfusion is making it happen.

  • Amy Bailey
    VX Suite

    Salesfusion helps VX Suites gather more data on prospect customers resulting in a more educated and informed sales calls.

  • Sima Taslimi

    Coverall used marketing automation to reinvigorate their sales team, and the results have been unreal.

  • Paul Cusker

    Transcat has seen significant improvements in lead processing time.

Successful Customers!

    The Marketer’s Platform.

      • Email Marketing

        Your emails should help you turn contacts into customers for life. In both B2C and B2B marketing, bulk, trigger, and nurture email campaigns allow you to connect with prospects when and how they want you to.

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      • Lead Capture

        Cut through lead quality confusion with easy-to-read, powerful scoring and routing data that enables sales and marketing to speak the same language. The Salesfusion landing page solution is flexible and easy to deploy.

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      • Website Tracking

        Knowing how many people visited your website is great, but knowing who visited and why is even better. Once a visitor engages with your website, our marketing automation solution can help you bring them back for more.

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      • Lead Scoring

        Lead scoring is the magic formula that clears the communication lines between sales and marketing. Easily deliver leads to sales based on their activity and engagement, and clearly define what makes a lead qualified.

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      • Event Management

        How do you know if an event was successful? Marketing automation software ties contacts into your CRM and allows you to follow up and nurture them, tracking spend all the way through to ROI.

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      • Social Marketing

        Content may be king, but social gave it the throne. Distribute your collateral and campaigns throughout your network with the click of a button – and then sit back and watch the clicks roll in.

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      • Campaign Manager

        Having conversations with your CMO just got easier. Integrate your online and offline marketing spends and view the funnel and ROI for the campaigns in one, easy-to-read place.

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      • CRM Integration

        Integrating your marketing automation system with your CRM creates a powerful connection that empowers you and your team to turn those contacts into customers for life.

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      • Lead-To-Revenue

        It’s the age-old question: How much revenue did this campaign generate? With lead-to-revenue tracking, you can track your spend and conversions, and answer that question with confidence.

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