Marketing Automation

How marketers deliver more qualified leads to sales.

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Marketing Automation

Experience a 70 percent faster sales cycle.
See a 54 percent increase year-over-year in sales reps meeting quotas.

  • What is Marketing Automation Software?

    True marketing automation platforms combine all key functions that B2B marketers use on a day-in and day-out basis. Leads are generally “moved” through a pre-qualification cycle until they are considered “sales-ready” in which case, the lead and associated marketing history is passed to sales directly or via CRM integration.

  • Salesfusion Marketing Automation

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Lead scoring that just works

80 percent of top-performing companies
are more likely to use lead scoring technology.

  • Create a lead to revenue management flow.

    Lead scoring is a critical process that many B2B companies are implementing as part of their standard marketing, demand generation, and lead generation practice. Based on the concept of applying point values to actions taken by leads, lead scoring will dramatically improve how you manage your influx of leads resulting from inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

  • Salesfusion Contacts 2.1

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Powerful email marketing

Generate 50 percent more sales ready leads
at a 33 percent lower cost.

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing in a B2B environment has evolved from simple bulk email and email blast software to more conversational, nurture marketing programs with a communication strategy. Combining bulk, drip, and trigger-based email campaigns, integrated to CRM and other key processes such as lead scoring and online forms, our email marketing solutions will help you achieve your B2B marketing goals.

  • Salesfusion Email Marketing

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Fanatical customer care

Have the tools to accelerate, improve,
and redefine your marketing approach.

  • We work alongside marketers to ensure their success.

    Salesfusion exists to help marketers maximize their effectiveness and drive higher ROI. Their success is our success. This means our consultative support doesn’t end after the introductory onboarding period. Each of our customers receives a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). Their CSM outlines a long-term plan based on their specific goals. This ensures our customers not only maximize their existing marketing programs, they’re able to build on them over time. This level of customer focus is unparalleled in the marketing automation space today.

  • Salesfusion Support

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  • Raab Vest Report

    Salesfusion is a leader in marketing automation

  • Raab Report

CRM Connections

Make sales fall in love with your CRM all over again!

CRM Overview

CRM Integration

Unite sales with marketing around a single, optimized funnel

Salesfusion solves the divide between sales and marketing by offering a unique SaaS marketing automation solution that empowers both teams, unites them around common data and maximizes lead conversion.

Salesfusion delivers this solution with its CRM-style relational database architecture; unique in the marketing automation space. Our native integration with the industry’s leading CRM platforms offers a bi-directional workflow between sales and marketing. Marketers are able to push leads to sales based on lead scores. Sales can push them back to marketing for further nurture if the lead isn’t ready to purchase.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Salesfusion provides the most comprehensive marketing automation solution that is natively integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Salesfusion’s native integration includes the ability to physically install entities containing marketing data inside the Dynamics CRM platform including events, email campaigns, web and landing page activity.

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Salesfusion has been an AppExchange partner since 2007 providing a complete marketing automation solution that integrates deeply into Single sign-on integration enables marketings to use the entire MAP without navigating outside of Salesforce, allowing those users who desire more marketing functionality access inside the CRM.

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Infor CRM


Infor CRM

Salesfusion provides the only native integration into Infor CRM and is the preferred marketing automation provider for Infor. The integration of these systems allows for a two-way sync providing the CRM user the ability to create views, lists, segments and reports on marketing campaign-related data.

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Sugar CRM

Salesfusion combines power and value by bringing a full marketing automation solution inside of SugarCRM. Integrated with both professional and enterprise editions of SugarCRM, Salesfusion will show real-time marketing activity at the lead and contact level in both the CRM and marketing automation platform.

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Sage CRM


Sage CRM

Salesfusion provides a seamless integration to Sage CRM. With this out-of-the-box integration, Salesfusion installs custom objects and additional iFrames in Sage CRM to transition marketing intel related to leads, contacts and accounts from marketing to sales.

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Marketing Heroes

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive demand, awareness and ultimately, leads, into their company’s sales funnel.

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