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Salesfusion takes a different approach to marketing automation. While others just want to sell you a platform, we offer the expertise you need to be successful and drive value. Salesfusion can augment your marketing efforts with a customized and consultative approach that allows us to be your arms and legs.

We can provide you with very specific support – such as template design – or identifying optimization and efficiency opportunities. Whatever your needs, our team of experts will act as an extension of your marketing team to help you improve results from your programs.



Software With a Service

Many marketers want to take advantage of marketing automation to grow their businesses, but do not have the resources to operate a platform in-house. In those cases, Salesfusion provides a do-it-for-me (DIFM) approach, where Salesfusion handles the tactical campaign execution and reporting, while the client focuses on program and content creation.

Examples of services we provide for DIFM:

  • Design email and landing page templates
  • Build and execute nurture campaigns
  • Develop and implement lead scoring profiles
  • Manage event registration and automated communications
  • Perform A/B testing on emails
  • Create and manage weekly campaign reports
  • Strategize and consult to ensure marketing goals are met

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