Marketing Automation for SugarCRM

Marketing Automation for SugarCRMGartner reports that up to 70% of sales leads are not properly leveraged or are completely ignored thus wasting marketing program dollars. So how do you fix this problem? It starts with proper sales and marketing alignment, and proper sales and marketing alignment starts with native MAP and SugarCRM integration. Without this integration, the majority of your time and resources will be drained and leads will leak out of the funnel.

Salesfusion is a marketing automation platform that has a two-way integration with SugarCRM and is installed out-of-the-box with no middleware. The integration is unique in the industry in that it provides a native integration in both on-premise and hosted environments.

What can you do with Salesfusion and SugarCRM integration?

  • Create a two-way sync with Salesfusion and SugarCRM, ensuring that the data your sales and marketing teams are working with is always correct
  • Provide sales with visibility to marketing activities and templates to send trackable emails to leads and contacts
  • Send automated alerts and create tasks in SugarCRm so sales can follow up based on a contact’s activity
  • Blend marketing and sales actions with intelligent and automated nurtures to decrease funnel leakage
  • Prioritize and manage follow up with lead scoring and management
  • Track a lead through the complete sales cycle from creation to close with reporting and dashboards


Salesfusion together with SugarCRM

With sales and marketing alignment being so crucial to success, MAP and CRM integration is no longer a nice bonus – it’s a necessity. Sales and marketing department alignment starts with aligning your technology platforms, which means choosing a MAP that will cooperate and communicate with your CRM from day one is a must.

  • Integration with SugarCRM since 2012
  • Integrates with all current supported versions of SugarCRM
  • No middleware required. Fully supported out-of-the-box integrations are native
  • Combines native and iFrame-based integration
  • All marketing data housed natively inside SugarCRM
  • See Salesfusion entities in the SugarCRM main navigation page

Salesfusion brings critical marketing data inside SugarCRM with an out-of-the-box, native, fully-supported integration that is up and running in under an hour.

When you integrate your MAP and CRM, you’re doing more than just combining two systems. You’re creating one, effective sales and marketing tool for both teams to use seamlessly across the board. Download our brochure for more information specific to native Salesfusion and SugarCRM integration.

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