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Manage all your event marketing and sync registration data with your CRM

Whether your events are online or offline, Salesfusion can help facilitate the creation, management and tracking of all of your event marketing. Salesfusion offers they key event marketing and management functions, as well as advanced management capabilities unique to our platform.

Salesfusion’s event manager can create parent events with child sessions. Attendees can register for the parent event and then choose a single or multiple child sessions under that event. This simplifies the management and marketing of events such as conference workshop registrations, training session registrations, etc. that may have more than one attendance track.

The event manager seamlessly integrates prospect web activity, registration and attendee information directly into your CRM. Your sales team will have more visibility into which of their leads have registered for and attended your events, as well as those that may need additional outreach.

Because Salesfusion integrates with the industry’s leading online conferencing platforms, you’ll be able to host online events as well. Additionally, our built-in reporting makes it easy to track your event ROI.

Key features:

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