Landing Pages & Forms

Leverage custom landing pages and forms

Enhance Your Page Building Experience

Salesfusion’s Page Builder’s user experience is the most intuitive landing page experience offered by a Marketing Automation platform. Page Builder’s drag-and-drop, interactive tool dramatically improves the way you build landing pages within the system. Even the most novice user can leverage the landing page builder to create and deploy a fully-functioning page with form questions in about 90 seconds.

Key Features:

  • Full-featured drag-and-drop creation canvas
  • WYSIWYG interface
  • Completely mobile responsive pages
  • Simple to deploy, yet flexible to meet unique needs for lead capture
  • Integration with Form Builder forms
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Build Forms that Sync Automatically with your CRM

Form Builder will help you create simple, yet powerful forms to use with Salesfusion landing pages or your own external pages. Salesfusion’s forms are perfect for gating content, “Contact Us” pages, newsletter signups and more. No matter where they are embedded, your Salesfusion forms retain all of the post submission functionality as a Salesfusion landing page – lead routing, auto-enrollment into nurture programs, reporting and alerting.

Key Features:

  • Use forms on Salesfusion pages and external pages
  • Retain control over the look and feel of your forms
  • Automatic CRM sync
  • Prospect web activity tracking
  • Lead routing, campaign auto-enrollment, reports and alerts can all be built based on form submissions
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