Make sense of your marketing efforts.

Performance Reporting & ROI Dashboards See what's working and what could be better. Gain actionable insights into your marketing performance.

Capture Metrics

Data let’s you track the performance of your marketing efforts. Whether it’s an individual tactic or an integrated campaign, Salesfusion measures and organizes relevant information. ROI Dashboards make digesting that data easy.

Website Analytics

Pre-built reports give an overview in seconds. Custom report builders allow you to view what matters most in your marketing landscape and determine ways to improve. Choose from multivariate reporting on any data set: contact, activity, campaign and CRM data.

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Website Analytics Take a deeper look at your site traffic. View and evaluate key website metrics to improve performance.
Web Analytics

Monitor Traffic

See how website traffic flows through your website. Advanced web analytics give deeper insights into how prospects interact with your site. All information is captured and pushed to your CRM in real-time.

Analyze Performance

Customizable dashboards and reports help show how your marketing is performing. Easy to follow charts and graphs comprise reports that can be shared through email.

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Advanced Analytics Empowering marketers with new insights through powerful data analysis Use actionable insights to monitor campaign performance and connect marketing activities with revenue.
Advanced Analytics

Make data meaningful

Dig deeper into your marketing metrics by reviewing performance and finding information to drive leads and improve conversion rates. Having the capacity to create easy-to-read reports and beautiful, customized dashboards allows users to drill in, explore and fully visualize their data story.

Be a data-driven marketer

Make informed decisions, quickly answer questions about performance, identify new opportunities and confidently put winning marketing campaigns into action. With custom reporting, you no longer have to be a data analyst to collect powerful data and put it to use as a data-driven marketer.

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