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Salesfusion takes a different approach to marketing automation. While others just want to sell you a platform, we also offer the expertise you need to be successful and drive more value. Whether it is simply calling our support team to determine the best way to build your multi-step campaign or using our marketing automation specialists to execute campaigns when you are short staffed or have other priorities, we are with you on the journey.

Salesfusion can do the heavy lifting for you by augmenting your marketing efforts with a customized and consultative approach that allows us to be your arms and legs. We can provide you with very specific support – such as template design – or manage your entire tactical marketing plan and operations. Whatever your needs, our team of experts will act as an extension of your marketing team to help you improve results from your programs.

Most marketers have previously used a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, where they license a marketing automation platform and operate it in-house. Many others want to take advantage of marketing automation to grow their businesses but do not have the resources to operate a platform in-house. In those cases, Salesfusion provides its do-it-for-me (DIFM) approach, where Salesfusion handles the tactical campaign execution and reporting, while the client focuses on program and content creation.

Examples of services we provide for DIFM:

  • Design email and landing page templates
  • Build and execute nurture campaigns
  • Develop and implement lead scoring profiles
  • Manage your events
  • Perform A/B testing on emails
  • Create and manage weekly campaign reports
  • Strategize and consult to ensure marketing goals are met
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Ongoing Support for Do It Yourself Approach

Even if you choose the do it yourself (DIY) approach, we still offer ongoing support. Once your team is onboarded, you’ll have access to a client success team (CST). Your CST’s main priority is to ensure you get the most out of your Salesfusion investment. They’ll work with you to identify and understand your immediate and long term goals. Then they’ll work with you to develop the best strategy to help you achieve those goals.

Your CST will be the point of contact for the following:

  • How to integrate Salesfusion with your overall marketing strategy
  • How to best utilize the system for new programs, reports or tactics
  • Guidance on marketing automation best practices

You’ll have direct access to the team through email, phone and chat.

Contact Support

We’re dedicated to ensuring your success with marketing automation. That’s why we’ve created an onboarding program designed to get you and your team using the system quickly. Our one-on-one training sessions and individual weekly touchpoints promote an open line of communication between your designated onboarding coach and your internal marketing team.

To begin our onboarding process, we’ll first work with you to execute a technical setup and synchronization with your CRM. Once that’s connected, we’ll work together to define your marketing automation strategy and the key initiatives you need to execute with Salesfusion. Then we’ll develop a structured onboarding plan around those initiatives to equip your team with the right knowledge to be successful. Upon completion of the onboarding program, your Salesfusion instance will be up and running and fully integrated with your current CRM system. Your team will have the training framework in place to drive immediate value for your organization.

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Email Optimization Services

Even if you have the best content, a poor sender reputation can prevent your emails from ever reaching your target recipients. Salesfusion can help you manage your sender reputation and ensure your emails get delivered to the inbox.

Our deliverability services group can work with you to identify and overcome current deliverability challenges that are preventing your emails from reaching your prospects and customers.

Overview of Email Deliverability Services:

  • Dedicated IP address
  • List validation
  • List acquisition and quality analysis
  • Content testing and segmentation review
  • Reputation analysis
  • Inbox placement analysis
  • Monthly reporting:
    • Analysis of overall delivery rates, trends and engagement
    • Spam filter check
    • Reputation score
    • Campaign rendering check
  • Ongoing monitoring:
    • Blacklisting/block identification and remediation
    • Abuse complaint monitoring
    • ISP remediation
    • Proactive monitoring and reach out for elevated blocks or deliverability issues

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There’s a lot of features and capabilities built into Salesfusion – we want to make sure that you get the most out of them. That’s why we built Salesfusion University.

Our Client Education Team has designed training sessions, both in-person and virtual, that dig deeper into the specifics of what you can do with Salesfusion. Get experience using the platform and bring back new skills and best practices.

Training Opportunities