Lead Scoring

Deliver actionable lead intelligence to your sales team

Leverage lead scoring to measure engagement and better prioritize sales outreach

Salesfusion’s lead scoring model measures lead engagement. This not only better predicts their readiness to buy, it can also help you streamline your lead management process and sales outreach.

Salesfusion helps you apply point values to actions taken by leads, such as points for opening an email, clicking on a link, visiting a specific page or downloading content. The platform will automatically keep track of all your leads’ activities over time. You can set a threshold for when a lead should be pushed to sales for outreach. Once leads reach that threshold, Salesfusion will push them to a salesperson inside the CRM for outreach.

This process can dramatically increase efficiency in your sales cycle and drive higher lead conversions.

Key features:

Lead Scoring Best Practices

Lead Scoring Best Practices

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