Score Leads and Accounts for Success

Drive MQLs with Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring Summary

Measure engagement and better prioritize sales outreach with Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, lead scoring and account scoring. Apply point values to actions taken by leads based on what is valuable to your business using your own scoring rules, customizable templates, or an out-of-box best practices model. Allocate points for steps like opening an email, clicking a link, visiting a specific page or downloading content. The platform automatically tracks these activities over time and will push them to Sales once a predefined threshold is met. Increase efficiency in your sales cycle and drive higher lead conversions with Sugar Market.


Leverage Existing Scores to Target Accounts

Target | Account Scoring

Indicate your most engaged accounts with Sugar Market’s account scoring. If multiple contacts from a company are viewing your content and interacting with your marketing assets, the account score will increase, indicating an engaged account. Leverage your existing lead scoring data and marketing approach to provide an activity summary at the account level. Sugar Market’s account scoring helps users identify key accounts to amplify their account-based marketing (ABM) efforts.


Sugar Market Lead and Account Scoring Features
  • Leverage out-of-the-box scoring model, customizable templates, or create-your-own model
  • Single or multiple scoring models
  • Evergreen or temporary models
  • Option to degrade scores over time for inactive leads and accounts
  • Base scores off web, email, campaign, form, or social activity and demographic or firmographic data
  • Contact and account-level scores
  • Native CRM integration
  • Easy-to-interpret, holistic score and activity view with contact to account matching
  • Automatic notifications to Sales when leads are outreach-ready
  • Customizable scoring alerts
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