Nurture Leads for Marketing and Sales Success

Nurture marketing allows you to turn prospects into customers by engaging them at each stage of the buying cycle with relevant messages. Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, gives marketers best-in-class tools to automate lead nurturing, score lead activity and find the best leads for Sales. By providing actionable lead intelligence to your sales team via CRM integrations, you can shorten the sales cycle and win more deals.


Stay in Front of Prospects and Customers

Nurture Builder

Nurture marketing helps you move prospects through the funnel more efficiently than you could with traditional email marketing. Target prospects based on where they are in the buyer’s journey, and serve up relevant content that speaks to specific criteria, such as industry or actions. Nurture campaigns help keep your brand top-of-mind while a prospect is conducting research and looking to make a purchase decision. You can also nurture existing customers to drive adoption of a platform, promote a service or increase customer loyalty.

Deploy nurture campaigns with ease using Sugar Market. The Nurture Campaign Builder is a visual designer that allows you easily set up automated emails based on different rules ranging from demographic information, web activity, lead score and more.

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Score Leads to Prioritize Sales Outreach

Not all leads are created equal. Lead scoring allows you to score leads based on actions that are valuable to your business. Sugar Market has rich lead scoring capabilities and allows for unlimited scoring profiles, with no limits on scoring time-frame. Go beyond just scoring engagement activities and include firmographic, demographic information, purchase details, intent, and more – far exceeding capabilities of other marketing automation platforms serving the mid-market. As prospects are acquired, you can gauge their readiness to buy based on their score and pass prioritized leads to CRM via Sugar Market integration.

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Win More Deals with Real-Time Data
There’s a lot of data generated from marketing efforts – form entries, page visits, ad clicks and email opens – to name a few. Bring together marketing and sales by housing all marketing data in your CRM and enabling a bidirectional workflow. Sugar Market’s integration with the all the major CRMs and open API gives sales one-click access to all relevant lead information and the ability to route leads back to marketing if they aren’t ready to convert.

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