Generate More Leads with Google Ads

The statistics don’t lie; paid search traffic converts 50% higher than organic traffic. Paid search, also referred to as pay-per-click (PPC), is a critical inbound marketing tactic, however it can appear ineffective without the right expertise. Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market for Ads simplifies the complexities of managing an effective Google Ads (previously AdWords) account with simplified account setup, ad creation, automated optimizations, AI-powered bidding, and multi-channel reporting. Our platform brings effective paid search advertising in reach for mid-sized marketing teams by eliminating the cost of third-party experts and reducing the time spent managing campaigns.

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Launch Google Ad Campaigns in Minutes

Sugar Market simplifies Google paid search account and campaign creation. Launch advertising campaigns in minutes by telling us a few things about your product offering, and we’ll discover keywords for you to rate based on relevance. Sugar Market gives you full visibility into campaign costs, and full control over keywords. Simply pick a landing page, write your ads, and launch automatically optimized ad campaigns that drive leads.

Spend $150 within 31 days and we’ll automatically top up your account with an additional $150 worth of advertising credit the following month.

AI-Powered Optimizations Drive Conversions

With Sugar Market, customers can have confidence in taking a DIY approach to running Google Ads campaigns. Our platform eliminates the need for keyword discovery or manual bidding. Sugar Market discovers keywords for you to rate as relevant to your business using intuitive thumbs up or thumbs down icons. The more keywords you rate, the more Sugar Market’s machine learning begins to understand your business. Our AI-powered bidding algorithm is constantly monitoring and adjusting bids for conversions, so you can focus on your strategies.

Integrations for Better Performance

Oftentimes, marketers opt to create landing pages for paid search campaigns. Our Google Ads tool integrates with Page Builder to provide marketers with insight into click and conversion performance. Get a holistic view of how your ads are influencing contacts and accounts within a single tool. Never worry about whether tags and pixels are firing, and get clear visibility into how campaigns are performing. Use the app for insights on the go.

Google Ads ROI Tracking

Monitor how ads are performing with Google Ads reporting, accessible in-app. Get visibility into overall campaign performance with the flexibility to take a deep dive into keyword rankings, costs, and individual ad performance. Since Sugar Market automatically manages conversion tracking for you, you can be confident you’re getting accurate metrics. Whether you’re looking to understand the the overall impact of Google advertising on revenue or how contacts are engaging with your Ads, Sugar Market gives you the data to make better business decisions.

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