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Salesfusion is now Sugar Market. Our suite of social, search and SEO tools helps bring visitors to your site and uncovers who those visitors are. Whether you are focused on social media marketing, paid search advertising, or SEO to attract new visitors, you can do it from the comfort of a single platform.

Sugar Market tracks inbound marketing engagement activity across channels and captures conversions. All of this data helps you understand your most impactful marketing tactics, influential campaigns and engaging content. Watch the video to learn more about inbound marketing, or request a demo to see how Sugar Market provides the inbound marketing tools you need for a comprehensive program.


Get Discovered with Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization | Inbound Marketing

Use Sugar Market to help prospects find you by optimizing your website for search engines. A built-in SEO audit breaks down how you rank on search based on critical factors like internal and external links, page speed, meta, and mobile performance. Generate SEO reports, optimize web pages with an actionable checklist of recommendations, and compare your rankings to competitors — all from within your marketing automation platform.


Extend Your Reach with Google Ads

Create and launch paid search ads from within Sugar Market to get your company discovered on Google when people are searching for your brand or terms related to your business. Built for mid-sized marketing teams, Sugar Market for Ads empowers you to run effective paid search ads without in-house expertise or a third-party agency. Sugar Market’s unique integration to Google Ads leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to automate your campaign bidding and optimizations.

Spend $150 within 31 days and we’ll automatically top up your account with an additional $150 worth of advertising credit the following month.

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Elevate Your Brand with Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools | Inbound Marketing

Social media marketing is more than counting likes, followers and shares. Today’s B2B marketers need to generate leads and measure the business value of their work. Our social marketing solution tracks each lead you generate and provides the analytics to understand which networks, profiles and posts are most effective. Sugar Market offers tools that help you monitor social networks, publish content and manage your online reputation.

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Understand Website Visitor Traffic

Website Visitors | Inbound Marketing

After driving visitors to your site, capture actionable intelligence about who it is that’s visiting your website. Sugar Market pushes real-time website data, like who is on your site, how they got there, and how long they spend on each page – into your CRM. If it’s a known visitor who already exists in your database, Sugar Market will capture their digital footprint on your site inside the CRM. Each email they open, link they click, page they visit, form they complete, blog they read or virtually any other kind of digital engagement is tracked at the contact level. This provides your sales team with real-time, actionable intelligence they can use in outreach.

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