Email Marketing That Drives Revenue

Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, gives marketers the tools they need to reach potential buyers and customers with simple, yet sophisticated automated email marketing tools.

Create and deploy everything from bulk email to multi-stage nurture campaigns using Sugar Market. The drag-and-drop builders make it easy for marketers to design templates, while HTML coding capabilities with real-time display gives power users creative freedom. Most importantly, Sugar Market ensures your emails get delivered to inboxes (and not junk folders!) through sender reputation management and email deliverability testing. Get a free, personalized demo today!

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Easy-to-Create, Impactful Emails

Sugar Market Drag-n-drop Email Builder

Salesfusion’s Email Builder creates mobile responsive designs so your emails render properly across all devices and clients. In-app previews of emails ensure marketers are sending quality emails every time, and preset templates and themes give you a head start on campaigns.

Utilize single or multi-variant A/B testing to perform tests on your email campaigns. Knowing which version of your email performs the best will lead to increased open rates and improved conversions.

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Build Nurture Campaigns

Nurture Builder

Sugar Market offers a visual nurture campaign builder to create automated nurture campaigns. You can leverage multi-channel campaign planning and execution to trigger communications based on specific prospect attributes or activities and drip messages over a predefined timeline. Email campaigns can be monitored on an integrated marketing calendar so you never lose sight of what is planned.

Since the platform has a native integration with all leading CRMs, you deliver a seamless buyer experience across sales and marketing and are able to gain insight into your ROI.

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Audience Segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Segment your audiences so you can better target prospects. Targeting prospects at the right time with the right message is key to email marketing success, but doing that without the right technology can be cumbersome. Loading, managing and tracking the performance of your audiences is simple and straightforward with Sugar Market. Lists can automatically update your segments, and our list manager tool cleanses, de-dupes and verifies emails.

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Validation and Sender Reputation Management for Deliverability

Email Validation

Your sender reputation is crucial for email success as it determines whether your emails are delivered to inboxes or flagged as spam. A majority of email deliverability issues are directly dependent on your sending practices and data management. Sugar Market has built-in spam diagnostics and testing to help you mitigate problems, such as high bounce rates of invalid or unknown email addresses, and maximize inbox placement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable the drag-and-drop components?

To enable the component, you can easily click and hold on the selected component then drag it over to the block on your email where you would like that content to exist. Also, the best way to create a mobile responsive email is to utilize the drag-and-drop components to designate unique text selections.

Can I add and customize call-to-action buttons?

Yes. The text, hyperlink, border styles, color, font, size and alignment can all be customized on each call-to-action button.

What is an image URL and how do I find the image URL for an image I want to use in Sugar Market?

You can save commonly used images directly in Sugar Market’s asset library that offers unlimited storage. However, you don’t have to use the asset library. You can also input an image you plan on only using one time into your email with the image URL. To find the image URL, mouseover the image you’d like and right click. When the menu opens, click “Copy image URL/address”. To insert the image into your Sugar Market template, open the control panel and select “Import from URL” to prompt a field form which allows you to input the URL where the image is located. Input the URL and select “Save & Close”. The image will display on your email and the Image Edit controls will be prompted inside the control panel.

What is a web safe email font?

Web safe fonts are selected fonts pre-installed by many operating systems and thus considered “web safe”. Using only web safe fonts will ensure a user’s email can be read on most computers and devices.

What is a good alternative to adding video to emails?

Embedded video has very limited support in email clients. To help solve this issue, GIFs are an image format that can be used to give your emails a bit of animation. Most email clients support the full animation.

What if I want to use email template I previously created with another email tool?

No problem. Sugar Market also offers an HTML editor so you can easily take the code from previously created email templates and drop it into Sugar Market.
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