Website Visitor Tracking

Capture actionable intelligence about who’s visiting your website
Do you know who’s visiting your website, how they got there and what they’re doing on it? Salesfusion can provide you with the answers to these questions. It can also push real-time website data into your CRM so sales can leverage it in their prospecting.

In addition to gaining insight into external sources of traffic to your site, you can also see how people engage with your content. Salesfusion tracks their journey and how long they spend on each page. You’ll also better understand how well your site converts unknown prospects into known leads.

If it’s a known visitor who already exists in your database, Salesfusion will capture their digital footprint on your site inside the CRM. Each email they open, link they click, page they visit, form they complete, blog they read or virtually any other kind of digital engagement is tracked at the contact level. This provides your sales team with real-time, actionable intelligence they can use in outreach.

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