Social Media Management Tools

Amplify marketing with integrated social media
Social media marketing is more than counting likes, followers and shares. Today’s B2B marketers need to generate leads and measure the business value of their work. Our social marketing solution tracks each lead you generate and provides the analytics to understand which networks, profiles and posts are most effective. Salesfusion offers tools that help you monitor social networks, publish content and manage your online reputation.
Integrate Social to Generate Leads and Measure Business Value Through a partnership with Oktopost, the leading B2B social media platform, you can easily manage social media for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Social Content

Publish and Share Content

Instead of logging into multiple social platforms, we offer a tool that allows you to manage these all in one place. And, you may find that the best time to post isn’t during regular office hours. We allow you to schedule posts ahead of time so you can create a steady stream of relevant content and even take advantage of suggested content based on your key words.

Engage with Prospects

Become part of the conversation and engage in discussions to get to know your prospects and customers better. And, all this interaction will be tracked through to the buyer’s journey on the contact or lead record inside Salesfusion and passed to the CRM so that even your sales team can understand all the interactions across marketing channels. You will finally be able to easily attribute opportunities to your social efforts.

Amplify your Efforts

Your employees are your best advocates. Take advantage of their social networks by making it easy for them to share your social posts. The employee advocacy board allows you to pin posts for employees to share with a click of the button. The best part is, all the interactions from these posts will be tracked so you can understand just how effective social media is. Encourage your employees to participate by creating contests that can be easily tracked with the employee leaderboard.

Measure Social Media Results

With an integrated solution for marketing automation and social media management, you can easily see which of your social channels and posts are the most effective. It will no longer be about clicks. You will actually be able to tie social posts to website conversions and opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Schedule and publish posts using multiple profiles across social platforms
  • View conversions generated from social media, including which post a lead clicked on prior to converting
  • Determine which social networks are the most effective by tracking not just engagement but actual conversions generated through social activities
  • Track inbound traffic by network or post
  • Monitor keywords and mentions and communicate socially with the most relevant prospects
  • Discover great content to share and add it to pre-set post queues
  • Increase reach with employee social advocacy and leader boards
  • Track conversions and attribute opportunities to social campaigns
  • Access and view a prospect’s social interactions via the lead or contact record
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