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Help prospects find you and identify visitors to your site.

Website Tracking Lift the veil on your website’s visitors. Uncover key insights about who is visiting your website and why.
Website Tracking

Track Incoming Traffic

Keep track of where your web traffic originates and how visitors navigate through your site. Gain insights as to what content draws engagement and which pages lead to site exits.

Uncover Unknown Visitors

Just like an in-store manager would want to know when a potentially huge customer walks in, you should know when one visits your website. Identify companies visiting your site with Reverse IP lookup.

Capture Real-Time Data

For data to be put to good use, it needs to be timely. Web tracking information is automatically synced to your CRM with alerts instantly sent to sales when high-value prospects visit.

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Social Media Marketing Use social media to elevate your brand. Manage your social presence across all channels.

Publish and Share Content

Integration with the leading B2B social platform, Oktopost, allows you to manage social all in one place. The best time for a post isn’t always during business hours. Show prospects a steady social stream by scheduling posts ahead of time across your profiles. Setup streams to share relevant content with your followers.

Engage with Prospects

Monitor conversations, engage in the discussion and get to know your prospects better. Social media behavior is available for the sales team in your CRM.

Amplify your Efforts

Take advantage of your employees networks. Make it easy for them to use your social posts with an advocacy board. Keep score and see who drives the most engagement.

Track Results

With an integrated solution, see which of your social channels and posts convert on your website. Capture prospects social engagements so you have visibility to all interactions.

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Search Engine Optimization Make sure your content gets noticed. Help prospects find you by optimizing your search rankings.
SEO Audit

Analyze Rankings

A built-in SEO audit breaks down how you rank on search and why. Some of the criteria analyzed are: load speed, URL performance, title, description, tags, mobile and page links. Compare your webpages to a competitor’s for the keywords that matter most.

Take Action

Easy to follow reports are generated based on the SEO audit, with clear recommendations on how to improve your search rankings. You will be able to quickly optimize webpages with an actionable checklist of suggestions. These reports can quickly be shared with team members.

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