Marketing Automation Success Through the Funnel

Lead Funnel

Salesfusion marketing automation software is transforming how businesses engage audiences and measure marketing success through every step in the funnel. Attract more visitors to your site and track their digital journey to learn where they interact and convert on your website. Create professional powerful marketing campaigns with the most intuitive email and landing page builders available. Deliver the best leads to Sales through robust nurture and scoring capabilities. Uncover what tactics are working and which aren’t to help you refine campaigns and improve results.

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Attract Visitors and Create Quality Campaigns

Salesfusion Marketing Automation Software

Understand which campaigns are driving traffic to your site through built-in web tracking capabilities and see which content is most engaging. With Salesfusion, you can start understanding how customers and prospects are interacting with your site and how to optimize to drive more conversions. Building emails, forms and landing pages is simple using drag-and-drop builders, preset templates or a code-your-own option. Get more campaigns launched and more leads to sales in less time.

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Nurture Prospects and Build Relationships

Nurture Builder

Keep your brand top-of-mind and drive more engagement with automated, personalized communications. Salesfusion gives you the tools to set up multi-step nurture campaigns to reach leads with timely messaging. With rich lead scoring capabilities, the possibilities for customization and how you generate MQLs are endless. Establish marketing’s credibility with sales by sending over more leads that turn into opportunities. Continue to nurture those new customers long after the sale to drive adoption and retain customers.

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Analyze Performance and Visualize Results

Advanced Analytics

Discover what tactics are working, and which aren’t, with an easy-to-filter bird’s-eye view of your most important analytics. Decipher metrics and become a data informed marketer without spending your days lost in spreadsheets.

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Integrate with Sales and Your Existing CRM

CRM Integrations

Salesfusion has native integrations with more CRMs than any other marketing automation platform. This integration keeps sales and marketing aligned and prevents leads from flowing out of the funnel. If the integration isn’t right, it can lead to many points of failure. Salesfusion is an expert in MAP migrations and technical setup with your CRM so you can be confident that all stakeholders are onboard from the day you launch and beyond.

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