Marketing Automation Success Through the Funnel

Lead Journey

Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, is the all-you-need marketing automation software built to work for you. Our curated set of marketing automation tools includes highly intuitive campaign builders, advanced automations, and superior reporting which allow you to effectively engage audiences and measure success through the buyer journey. Attract web traffic, gather engagement insight, streamline campaign creation, drive conversions and ultimately report on revenue with Sugar Market marketing automation platform.

Sugar Market is the all-you-need marketing automation solution built to work for you. Get a personalized demo today!

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Attract and Track Visitors

Sugar Market helps marketers get their websites discovered by combining social media management, SEO and SEM tools in a single, all-you-need marketing automation software.

Manage, monitor and measure your brand’s social program via Oktopost. Run free SEO audits to compare your site to the competition. Create and launch paid search advertising campaigns to show ads when people are searching for your product or service on Google. Understand how the traffic from search, social or other tactics is navigating through your website, landing pages and emails with a buyer’s journey view for each contact and a consolidated view for each account. Enhance your inbound strategy and track prospect behavior with Sugar Market.

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Nurture Prospects and Build Relationships

Keep your brand top-of-mind and drive more engagement with automated, personalized communications. Sugar Market gives you the tools to set up multi-step nurture campaigns to reach leads with timely messaging. With rich lead scoring capabilities, the possibilities for customization and how you generate MQLs are endless. Establish marketing’s credibility with sales by sending over more leads that turn into opportunities. Continue to nurture those new customers long after the sale to drive adoption and retain customers.

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Analyze Performance and Visualize Results

Lead Funnel

Know what’s working and what’s not with Advanced Analytics, a powerful BI reporting module included with every package. All users can leverage actionable data to streamline their marketing process with an easy-to-filter bird’s-eye view of your most important analytics. Decipher metrics and become a data-informed marketer without spending your days lost in spreadsheets.

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Integrate with Sales and Your Existing CRM

Sugar Market has native integrations with more CRMs than any other marketing automation platform. This integration keeps sales and marketing aligned and prevents leads from flowing out of the funnel. If your integration doesn’t work properly and in real-time, it can lead to many points of failure. Sugar Market is an expert in marketing automation platform migrations and technical setup with your CRM, so you can be confident that all stakeholders are onboard from the day you launch and beyond.

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