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Transforming big ideas into tangible results is the hardest thing marketers have to do. As marketers ourselves, we at Salesfusion understand that translating creative energy and drive into campaigns that convert is a constant challenge.

That’s why we’re launching Salesfusion 12. The latest version of our marketing automation platform is built with one goal: fuse the easiest-to-use campaign creation tools with powerful analytics and architecture to deliver the best value marketing solution available.

We’re so excited about the new Salesfusion experience, we want the whole world to try it out.

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Build Beautiful Landing Pages in Seconds

Capturing new leads is critical to any marketing program’s success. Salesfusion’s new Page Builder helps create modern, mobile-responsive pages in seconds through our drag-and-drop editor, no code required! Page Builder joins Salesfusion’s Email Builder and Form Builder to make the easiest-to-use campaign creation tool suite available. Page Builder includes:

  • Full-featured drag-and-drop creation canvas to easily add images, video, buttons, and more
  • WYSIWYG interface so you can visualize your page as you build
  • Completely mobile-responsive pages that work across all devices
  • Put your leads to work immediately using powerful automations leveraging Salesfusion’s Form Builder
Marketing Dashboard

Actionable Insights Through Advanced Analytics

Marketing ROI shouldn’t be hard to prove. The Salesfusion platform now includes Advanced Analytics for everyone, empowering you to gain new insights through powerful analysis tools. Custom dashboards and rich data visualizations make actionable reporting accessible to your entire organization.

  • Monitor trends through custom interactive dashboards that allow easy filtering and drilling down to the lowest level of detail desired
  • Reveal new depths of data by slicing and dicing reports in just a few clicks
  • The visualization engine empowers you to create Excel-quality charts across your entire data set
  • Collaborate in real-time with your entire team by saving, sharing, and embedding dashboards and reports

Enterprise Power Without the Enterprise Price.

We understand reliability means peace of mind. From campaigns of just a few thousand to a few million, your software needs to be able to respond quickly.

We’ve rearchitected our platform from the ground up to scale to any size campaign. Olympus, our new scalable and flexible automation framework, can handle any campaign thrown at it.

  • Olympus responds to traffic spikes by automatically adding horsepower to handle the workload.
  • Our reengineered data warehousing and analytics platforms can handle as many bits and bytes you want to analyze.
CRM Integrations

Native CRM Integrations as Unique as Your Business

Your CRM is the center of your marketing world. Salesfusion’s 7 native integrations with the leading CRMs – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Bullhorn, NetSuite, Sage, and Sugar – already lead the market.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re expanding our native integrations to offer:

  • Custom object support for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. If you can dream it, you can sync it to Salesfusion, creating rich personalization and segmentation opportunities.
  • Campaign object integration for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Infor, so you can get a complete picture of all your marketing efforts.
  • Richer and more complete integration with Bullhorn CRM, the leading staffing and recruiting suite.
More Features Coming Soon...
Salesfusion 12 isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. A slate of new features are on their way throughout the first half of 2018, including:

  • Account View, reshaping your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts to facilitate better insights and account actions.
  • Response Prospector, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to find new leads and keep your database up to date.
  • Updated REST API, crafting new ways to integrate directly to Salesfusion’s platform.
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