YouTube has been a part of the B2C marketing strategy for years, but what about B2B marketers? Many businesses have already transitioned to YouTube’s scene, however, many have left this promising platform untouched. The truth is, it is only a small part of most marketing strategies, so adopting YouTube as a part of your long-term strategy can differentiate your company from competitors.

YouTube has grown from its inception, and is now one of the largest search engines, topping both Yahoo and Bing. Marketers can transition to using YouTube as a platform, but need a strategy in place before diving in. So how do you get started? By understanding the real value of YouTube for your B2B company.

The Perks of Being a YouTuber

There’s no denying the benefits of having a YouTube account. Besides allowing you to stand out, YouTube helps create and curate content that can be easily used by cross promoting your company’s YouTube channel across other social platforms. Need to know more? Here are a few perks of having a B2B YouTube channel:

YouTube for the Novice

Make sure you are portraying the right image for your company to your target market by branding on YouTube. Here are nine tips to jumpstart your YouTube promotions: and create content your audience will enjoy:

  1. Match Everything – Match the company image available on your current digital platforms to the layout and design of your YouTube channel. This means having the same logo, links back to your website and other well-known company images on your YouTube page. Imagine your company as a person, what’s its personality? Whatever your company’s personality is, make sure it comes alive through the YouTube page design.
  2. Who Doesn’t Like Having Options? -Make sure the content on your company’s YouTube channel isn’t a carbon copy of the content on your company’s website. Through video, you can become a storyteller and show your company from all sides. From off-site company outings to how-to videos, your company can answer consumer questions and offer peace of mind that you aren’t just in the business of making money.
  3. Track Your Steps – Track how your company is doing by using tools such as Oktopost, which can track your cross promotional efforts to attract attention to your YouTube channel. Clicks, impressions, and shares can all be tracked in one place and takes the guess work out of understanding if your YouTube efforts are effective. As your YouTube channel grows, you can see your engagement progress over time and the effects your video work has on ROI.
  4. Up Your Tech Game – Integrating YouTube into your marketing strategy is a great way of engaging prospective clients. But once they are engaged, what happens afterwards? It is easy to pass leads along to sales, but what’s better is marketing and sales alignment. Make sure you have a strategy in tact so you can continue your Youtubing efforts with ease, like having a good MAP and CRM in place.
  5. Low Budget, High Return – Every department has a budget, and marketing is no different. However, there have been many successful YouTube videos that have run on little-to-no production budget. Your company doesn’t have to be any different. Send a call to enlist your best employees and current customers to be a part of your videos or ask creative for help! Using talent from within the company is a low-cost, effective way to make videos, increase employee morale, and foster a sense of trust amongst your target market. Consumers don’t want to see spokespeople, they desire to get an exclusive look into your company that they feel others don’t get to see. Make sure you offer them a personal experience through targeted content.
  6. Lights, Camera, Action – Introduce yourself! Your company has a lot to offer and can use YouTube to increase brand awareness. Make an introduction video to make sure your audience understands what you have to offer, but make it short and to the point in order to keep high engagement and have your target market coming back to your YouTube channel.
  7. Make Space on Your Calendar – Everyone likes consistency and your followers are not an exception. This means establishing a time for content to arrive on your channel so your target market can get a taste of what to expect at the right time. Whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly content, make sure you adhere to scheduled times and do not wait too long to post new content. Consistency will allow your company to increase its viewership on the day the video comes out. In a world of constant distractions, a lack of consistency can easily make your followers turn the other shoulder to your content, no matter how rich it is. This will also allow your company to increase its viewership on the day the video comes out.
  8. Is the End Near? – The end of your YouTube video doesn’t need to be the end for your viewers’ experience. You can use a call-to-action (CTA) to get your viewers to share, like, comment, answer a question that you have left your viewer’s in the comments or requesting to click a link in the video description.
  9. Read it Back to Me – We don’t always catch everything and sometimes it’s easier to read than trying to review over a video again. How can you help your target market understand the concepts of your videos? By adding a transcript! Not only can your viewers review your content again, but you can also improve your SEO rankings in the process.

Is YouTube right for your company?

YouTube can be a fun, creative, and informative way to reach your target market. However, each marketing team needs to take a SWOT analysis of their current strategy and company to see if YouTube is a best fit.