Last week we asked you guys to tell us about your best event ever. Whether it be trade shows, webinars, customer conferences, or webcasts, marketers spend so much time and energy into the art of event planning. Check out three stories that caught our eye:

“When I worked at a global consumer technology company, we always began planning our strategy for major industry events 7+ months in advance of the conference. One year, the company decided it was time to rebrand. Which is was. It truly was. But the problem was that we were the premier sponsor of an event (40×40 booth) that was a month away. We had to rush to completely re-do the entire event because they decided it would be where we launched the new brand (media push and all). Massive headache! In the end, it did end up looking amazing and going over very well, but it was a ridiculous 30 days.

– Lee (Athens, GA)

“With a previous company I worked for, we would host intimate executive events at an Executive Briefing Center. During one event in particular,  nine customers registered and we made it a full experience for them including pre-event gifts, flying them to San Jose, limo service from the airport, a fancy dinner the night before, and a full day of diving into the technology to see it at work. With all of that we still had one customer that didn’t show but the eight that showed up turned into true leads and many of them walked out saying, “Wow, I didn’t know the technology could do that.” What made this such a successful event was that the customers were so happy with the experience and the technology, many of them suddenly became interested in technology they didn’t know anything about or for some that it even existed prior to the event (ultimately growing the opportunities size which means a larger sale).”

– Marissa (Toledo, OH)

“We had to do the whole rebranding of the company within two months of the event. We had to purchase a double decker booth that was 40×40 and have it branded. We launched the rebranding during the event, but our entire demo team and I got stuck in Chicago in the polar vortex while the event was in New Orleans. We ended up with a quarter of our team in New Orleans opening day of the show and launching the brand, while half of us drove 16 hours down in a 12 passenger van through the polar vortex only to arrive to a booked hotel with our reserved rooms gone due to being delayed a day. The other quarter of the team was stuck in Pittsburgh on a delayed flight since they had shut down the New Orleans airport. We had to split up the team and send half of the non-demo employees to the hotel at the airport for the night. That night I had to rush my boss to the ER because she had developed a blood clot in her leg from the plane, we spent all night getting her checked out and properly medicated. The next day we all arrived bright and early to a full crowd waiting for demos. Regardless of the chaos, the brand launch and amount of new leads turned out to be amazing. It became one of the best events that company had ever done! We also received excellent PR out of the event, stating that our transformation was one of the best they had ever seen. None of the attendees ever had any idea of the struggles we went through to achieve success.  Internally, the company now jokes about it as being the trip from hell. Good times in the world of event planning :)”

– Leah (West Middlesex, PA)