The content marketing craze is in full swing, but the truth is, many organizations don’t have a fully-dedicated content team. And, according to SiriusDecisions, 60-70% of B2B content is wasted.

We want to let you in on a little secret: You don’t need to churn out a ton of new content each day to be successful. This is especially the case when you look at marketing activities like nurture campaigns.

Why You Can (And Should) Add Other Voices to the Mix

The big idea behind content marketing is to educate your audience. Rather than interrupting their lives with overt sales pitches, you should aim to fit naturally into their routines by providing valuable information (aka content) at the right time. And here’s the catch: You don’t just need your own content to do that.

Think about it: If your goal is to educate your audience on a certain topic and warm them up for a sales pitch, which is the case with nurture campaigns, you’re actually best off sharing content from multiple sources. Doing so adds credibility by cluing in your audience to the fact that this is actually a widespread opinion, not just something your company touts to drive more sales.

While having your own content in the mix is certainly a good idea and you don’t necessarily want to share content from your competitors, if you can find a balance somewhere in the middle, you can run an effective nurture campaign without a ton of content.

Top Tips on Where to Find Outsourced Content

Okay, so you don’t need to create a ton of content to run a nurture campaign, but if you’re not creating the content, who is? Everyone! Remember: The content marketing craze is in full swing, and that means everyone is creating a lot of content — just think about how cluttered your social feeds get each day.

That said, you can easily spend all day combing through content trying to find the right pieces. To cut through the noise, some of the best places to start include:

  1. Top analyst and media resources for your industry: These are typically well-respected, well-researched viewpoints, use them to your advantage!
  2. Partners: Your partners’ content should support and complement your message, and sharing resources like this is one of the many benefits of having partners.
  3. Trade publications: Consider trade publications for your industry and that of your target customers that might highlight trends that support your message.
  4. User/customer-generated content: A customer opinion goes a long way. After all, who better to share their insights than unbiased people with whom your target audience can relate?
  5. Your own existing content: You don’t always have to share new content. Dig into the archives to see what gems you may have forgotten about or look for ways to re-skin existing content.

And those five resources are only the beginning — there are plenty of other places you can look for content to bolster your nurture campaigns and other marketing activities too. For example, you might set Google Alerts for a specific topic or create Twitter lists to quickly comb through posts by certain users or marked with certain hashtags. Or, use a social media platform like Oktopost that allows you to set up key words and curates that content for you to easily use.

At the end of the day, the options for finding relevant, quality content to share are truly limitless, and that means you really can run a nurture campaign that’s valuable for both your customers and your prospects — even if you don’t have the capacity or resources to create a ton of new content.