As if you didn’t have enough reasons to adopt marketing automation, here’s another:

Marketing automation is good for your career.

Marketing’s digital evolution calls for a unique combination of brain cells: some creative cells from the right side, some analytical cells from the left side, and some spares to burn at happy hour. Marketing automation experience basically proves you’ve got what it takes to thrive in the new digital environment, and that is:

According to the Online Marketing Institute, there is a 24% gap between how much marketing executives say they value marketing automation skills and how much knowledge of marketing automation their teams actually possess.  Because most industries are still climbing the marketing automation technology adoption curve, companies aren’t churning out employees with marketing automation experience — leading to a significant marketing talent gap. There are currently more than 3,800 job openings for marketing automation managers (Source: That’s more posts than currently exist for SEO managers!

As we move into 2015, marketing automation will continue to gather momentum. Whether you convince your company to adopt marketing automation or just decide to become more involved in your company’s existing marketing automation strategy and execution, you’ll be acquiring highly coveted skills in digital marketing.