A number of career studies have been published in the last year by sources like VentureBeat and LinkedIn. These studies point to a growing trend in marketing: the need for candidates with technical and operational skill sets. This is largely driven by the advancement of key marketing technologies like marketing automation. Companies know they need it to scale growth. The problem is finding marketers with experience implementing it. While this is bad news for hiring managers, it’s great news for marketers who have this coveted experience and want to climb the ladder. This is particularly true for marketers who understand and successfully leverage a marketing stack.

The Rise of the Marketing Stack

The concept of the marketing stack is on the rise. It will drive a shift in the types of marketers we see in the workforce in the coming decade. It refers to when an organization implements a core technology, such as a full-suite marketing automation platform, then complements it with a series of integrated point solutions that address more business-specific needs. The marketing stack is still relatively new but is growing in importance thanks to innovations in marketing technology. Consider this: of the more than 2000 marketing technology products available for purchase today, a significant portion of those tools and categories are under five years old. To say technology is becoming a critical component of marketing is an understatement.

What This Means for All Marketers, Regardless of Level

Marketers need to think like technologists, building a base of tangible expertise in key solutions that companies in their sector use to drive business. It’s no longer sufficient to be an expert marketing strategist. You must also master the technology used to augment and improve strategy.

If you’re a B2B marketer, marketing automation will become the most critical technology in your arsenal, not only because so many companies are adopting it to scale growth, but also because it is multidisciplinary in nature. You’ll manage all of your company’s primary digital marketing channels with marketing automation, as well as a number of key offline channels, such as direct mail and events. This will help you broaden your skillset, a key component of moving up the ladder to a CMO role.

If you’re already in a CMO role, you’re not forgotten in all of this. You’ll need to know how this technology works, too, so you can effectively lead the people executing in the platform.

Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, Marketing Stack

Now that we’ve talked a good deal about marketing technology, you’re probably wondering what our stack looks like. Well, here it is! Our marketing automation tool is our core technology solution, but we also leverage a number of point solutions that specifically address our key business needs.
Salesfusion Marketing Stack