We’re suckers for all things marketing automation. So, when the Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, team got our grubby little paws on Software Advice’s, Marketing Automation Software BuyerView, we ate it up.

This isn’t your run of the mill, marketing automation article. You know what the software is and you know what the software does. But why do you need it? How will you use it? Why did you choose a certain platform over all the others?

Here are some eyebrow raising, thought-inducing statistics about first time marketing automation buyers:

As Raab Associates, Inc’s own David Raab so eloquently summed it up, “Today there are more channels to market in, more types of marketing programs, more data available for buyer segmentation and higher expectations among your buyers and prospects. As a result, there’s an increasing need for a marketing automation solution to manage these challenges.”

Check it out for yourself and discover the true marketing automation buyer profile. What they’re researching, what industry they’re in, and what tools they’re desperately seeking.