Did you miss our #InsightfulMarketer webinar with Oktopost on tips for using social media in social B2B marketing? Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost, shared some great insights around social media in the world of B2B marketing and best practices for successfully generating leads through social efforts.

B2B Social vs. B2C Social

It’s important to understand how social differs between B2B and B2C. First of all, most B2B companies share numerous posts per day, while many B2C companies have a lighter presence in terms of quantity of posts.

How many posts per day is ideal for B2B? Watch the full webinar to find out!

In addition to the cadence of posting, the effectiveness of social platforms also serves as a differentiator between the two. With so many social networks out there, it’s important to know the most effective channels for B2B marketers. Overall, there are three social platforms that should be a focus for B2B – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. While there are certainly other networks B2B marketers can benefit from, these three channels have generally proven to be most effective.

What are some best practices specifically around LinkedIn? 

Finally, B2B and B2C differ greatly in the areas of content strategy, goals and success measurements. Below are some best practices Kushner discussed around content and analytics.

Social Content – Create or Curate?

While the importance of creating original content is obviously high, curating content continues to greatly increase year-over-year. Your social channels should not solely be a platform for self-promotion, but rather a collaboration of thought leadership in your industry. It is essential to provide value to your reader in the content you share.

How do you make your content more engaging / likely to receive likes, shares, retweets, etc.?

There are also more types of content today than ever before. In addition to white papers, eBooks and case studies, social content now includes videos, infographics, webinars and more. Due to this high volume of content (both created and curated) a B2B company must manage, it is important to have the proper social tools in place to effectively share and track social engagement.

Measuring Social Success

“The golden question of every marketer is where do our leads come from,” Kushner said. After all, lead generation is the ultimate goal of B2B social media marketing. By utilizing a social media marketing platform designed specifically for B2B marketers, it is now possible to see the direct link between social posting and lead generation by fully tracking engagement with your brand.

What are the four major analytics to measure in your social efforts?

Social media does not have to live in silo to your other marketing efforts — Social needs to be connected to all of your platforms. The reasoning behind integrating your marketing automation platform with your social tool is to have the full picture, which allows you to better understand where and how you’re driving leads.

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