In the world of B2B marketing, customer events are a must. Too often, countless companies are doing business together, but never truly interacting on a human level. Sure, you’ve established a quippy virtual relationship – inside jokes via email, following each other on social media, maybe you’ve even taken it as far as a few phone calls!

But until you have a face to face conversation with your customers, you don’t really know them.

We know a thing or two about conferences. We’re busy preparing for Fused, our annual customer conference in Atlanta. It’s a chance for us to directly address our customers, educate them about new features, demo updates, and answer questions. Plus it’s a good time! Everyone gets to mingle with each other, relax outside the office, and swap marketing automation tips and tricks.

How far out you plan your conference depends on how big your event is going to be! No matter the size, you should begin the brainstorming process at least 4-6 months out. Conferences are all about the details! And the more time you give yourself to organize those details, prepare for unexpected roadblocks, and actually enjoy yourself, the better.

Download our Planning a Conference Checklist, which lists each step, in order, you’ll need to complete in the months and weeks leading up to your big event! Check off each step as you complete them, add notes where additional information is necessary, and be sure to share with everyone who is helping you get ready.

And don’t forget your post conference responsibilities as well! You can read more about post event follow ups with attendees here.