Capture their Journey using your CRM with Marketing Automation Integration

Understanding how your prospects become leads and eventually customers is one of the most critical components of developing an effective marketing and sales strategy. A CRM with marketing automation integration within the system offers complete visibility into this journey so you can see how your prospects engaged with you prior to becoming customers.

Engagement Tracking

Every digital engagement is tracked at the contact level inside the marketing automation platform and pushed directly into the CRM:

Your CRM will show virtually any way you interact with your prospects online. You can then create campaigns around key engagements, such as content downloads or event attendance.

Additionally, your sales team gains complete insight into how you’ve engaged with each lead. When they reach out, they’re able to customize their conversation around each lead’s specific interest and interactions. This helps them pick up the conversation where marketing left off, creating a seamless customer experience.

Finally, if a lead isn’t ready to buy, the salesperson can add them back to a marketing campaign for further nurture directly from inside the CRM. This gives sales the ability to directly impact a lead’s journey after each human touchpoint. The lead will have a better, more personalized experience which will drive higher conversion.