Landing pages have become a necessary component of any website and there are countless design and function possibilities. Whatever design and strategy implemented on your landing page, the ultimate goal is to drive as much traffic there as possible. If your website is a football field, then your landing page is the end zone.

Everyone on your website should go through at least one landing page.

While the landing page world follows a no-rules, free love sort of lifestyle, this array of options and choices also serves as their downfall. You may find yourself asking:

Whether through an email campaign, pay-per-click (PPC) ad, or social network posting, landing pages give visitors access to your company and content. This way, you can see what potential customers and prospects want, segment them, target those segments, and offer them valuable information.

Landing pages are an important step in the marketing automation process.

Our responsibility as marketers, is to gather information from any and all website visitors to break them down and split them up into segmented microcosms. This helps target various audiences, whether it be by industry, company-size, or location.

Always remember, landing pages are implemented to capture visitor information. Make it a goal to use them with every inbound advertising campaign. The more interaction opportunities you have for visitors, the more leads you’ll create. Common areas landing pages are linked to:

It’s up to your discretion to make the lead capture forms associated with your landing pages minimalist or a multi-step, SAT style questionnaire.

Minimalist landing pages work depending on the offer you’re presenting and where that offer is being presented. If you have a high-end research whitepaper on your website then you have a right to ask multiple questions. However, if you have a PPC offering or a document you have been pushing out on social networks, than minimal questions is a more appropriate way to get the conversation started.

Download Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, Landing Page B2Best Practices document to read more about the many uses and implementations of landing pages and lead capture forms.