Before joining Sugar Market, I spent a decade in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM business with CRM and MarketingPilot (ancestor of MDM). One of the first questions I always get from partners and Microsoft field sales people is, “What is the difference between Sugar Market and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM)?” This is a pretty easy and quick conversation once the inquisitor hears the differences. The net of it is that Sugar Market and MDM are not even in the same solution category.

Here are some of the key differences:

  1. Maturity: Two years ago, Microsoft bought a couple of companies (MarketingPilot and Netbreeze), overhauled them, and re-built and enhanced them into the MDM Marketing suite. In April 2014, they launched what many in the market call MDM v1.0. Contrast that to Sugar Market, a hardened and mature version 8.1 marketing automation application that has a legacy of client success and was first created in 2007 and integrated into Dynamics CRM in 2009, check out our client case studies here.
  2. Focus: Sugar Market is focused on being the best marketing automation inbound and outbound execution platform that is tightly and natively integrated into Dynamics CRM. MDM is more than 125 modules of robust functionality including planning, finance, budget, time, expense, resource and project management, task and approval management, email marketing, web analytics, media buying, social listening, advertising, digital assets, and on and on. For a team to get trained and up to speed on the MDM suite takes significant time investment and marketing automation is just a small portion of it. Sugar Market is laser focused on enabling the modern digital marketer with their outbound/inbound digital marketing execution including best in class email marketing, website visitor tracking, surveys, forms, advanced nurtures, drips, triggers, social listening, and publishing.
  3. Licensing and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): MDM is licensed by the named user. In contrast, Sugar Market’s platform is licensed by the contacts marketed, which in essence, provides unlimited users, storage and email sends. Also Sugar Market is tailored to marketing execution and is quick to deploy and onboard marketers.
  4. Target market: MDM is targeted at the enterprise business and is more of a marketing management platform providing a collaboration and communication platform that also does some execution. Sugar Market is designed to bridge the gap between sales and marketing for traditional mid-market digital marketing departments that want to drive deep client insights and intimacy through excellent email social and web marketing.
  5. Value: MDM is a great enterprise solution, almost like an planning or ERP system for large marketing departments. Sugar Market targets mid-market businesses’ digital marketers for efficient, productive campaign execution. The platform is a fraction of the cost and more feature rich in its core areas of focus. Sugar Market delivers unparalleled features and benefits at a fraction of the cost of an MDM Implementation, this equals value in my book.

Don’t just take my word for it – listen to the Cleveland Cavs, “We selected Sugar Market as our marketing automation platform for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is their tight integration with MS Dynamics CRM. Their onboarding and training have been exceptional and we look forward to driving a variety of marketing initiatives with the application. For the price, it’s the best in software solution on the market.” – Damion Chatmon, Cleveland Cavaliers Director of Business Intelligence