Conferences are valuable, no doubt, whether the value you gain from attending one is growing your professional network, gaining exposure to industry trends and knowledge or helping you represent your brand as a credible component of the market. Marketing and technology are ever-evolving industries that require professionals in decision-making roles to be up-to-date. That said, finding the time to go (and the budget for such hefty price tags,) can be difficult. You must choose wisely out of the sea of conferences out there and that means taking to the web to find the most influential and important conferences to make sure your time and money are invested well. Remember, even though one conference may not be as large as another, you may still find that it’s highly relevant to your role or the challenges your company is facing. We’ve put together a list of the top marketing and tech conferences this year, so you can get all the information you need to make a decision in one place.

Tech Conferences

LTV Conf 2019, New York City, April 3-4 – a leading tech conference that explores topics such as growing and scaling, hiring and retention in the SaaS space, reaching your highest value customers globally, innovation, bootstrapping and funding, personalized marketing and more.

Google Cloud Next 19, San Francisco, April 9-11 – A three day tech conference led by Google experts where attendees can deep dive with thousands of IT personnel into topics such as ML and AI, DevOps and SRE, data analytics, architecture, security, and more.

SaaS Monster Collision, Toronto, May 20-23 – A 3 day tech conference in Toronto that looks ahead at cloud computing, big data, security, marketing, customer service and enterprise technology with keynote speakers from companies including Intercom, MailChimp, Zendesk, Adobe, Crunchbase and more.

Pulse, San Francisco, May 21-24 – One of the largest customer success and product management events in the world, Pulse 2019 features keynote speakers from companies such as LinkedIn, Airbnb, Google, Bloomberg Technology and more.

SaaStock, Dublin, October 14-16 – A 3-day conference with over 4,000 attendees and 250 exhibitors from over 50 countries, SaaStock brings SaaS founders, executives and investors from all over the world. If Dublin is far-fetched for you, you can also join the USA East Coast conference in New York on June 4-6 or the USA West Coast conference in San Francisco on September 10-12.

Microsoft Ignite, Orlando, November 4-8 – Microsoft Ignite brings tech professionals from all over the world together in Orlando for 700+ deep dive sessions and 100+ workshops for attendees to gain insight into high-level strategy and product.

DeveloperWeek, San Francisico – While this conference has come and gone this year, you can already register for next years. Taking place February 12-16, 2020, you can join 8,000 developers at the world’s largest developer expo and conference series. Explore topics on VR Dev, AI Dev, Blockchain DEV, new Javascript frameworks and more!

Marketing Conferences

MarTech Conference West, San Jose, April 3-5 – A marketing, technology and management focused conference that brings leading marketers together to discuss how to navigate the technologies and challenges that marketers face.

Gartner Marketing Symposium, San Diego, April 29-May 1 – A conference designed to help CMOS and marketing leaders address industry trends and gain insight into customer experience, market insights, data and analytics, technology and more. With featured speakers from National Geographic, HP Inc, Airbnb and more, over 1,500 attendees will be able to engage with 40+ exhibitors, 40+ Gartner experts and 100+ research-driven sessions.

SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit, Austin, May 5-8 – A B2B Sales, Marketing and Product leaders conference that takes a look at the latest industry research to understand alignment and growth strategies

Virtual ABM Innovation Summit, May 8 – A virtual conference focused on Account-Based Marketing and hosted by DemandBase, with three keynote speakers from Salesforce Pardot and DemandBase.

Digital Summit, Atlanta, May 21-22 – One of the many locations of the well-known digital marketing conferences around the United States, Digital Summit features keynote speakers from brands such as YouTube, Google, BuzzFeed, LinkedIn and more. With insightful sessions on content, social, B2B Marketing, UX/UI and design, strategy, brand storytelling, data and analytics and more, attendees are sure to leave with powerful knowledge and opportunities under their belts. No matter where you’re located, there are Digital Summit conferences all over the country, including but not limited to Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, New York City, Charlotte, Raleigh and Boston. Grab your tickets now!

ANA – Masters of B2B Conference, Chicago, May 29-31 – Join B2B marketers in Chicago for the 2019 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference, an event with sessions surrounding results-driven brand marketing, profitability and return on investment.

Moz Con, Seattle, July 15-17 – A three-day expo taking a deep dive into marketing with insight from industry-leading professionals on SEO, mobile, search and more.

Content Marketing World, Cleveland, September 3-6 – Join 3,700+ marketers from all over the world for 120 sessions and workshops on marketing strategy, storytelling, return on investment, demand generation, AI and more

Forbes CMO Summit, Dana Point, CA, November 13-15 – The 15th annual Forbes CMO Summit brings marketers together to share valuable insights on marketing, advertising, brand-building, marketing innovation and more. By invitation only, attendees will be assessed to see if their attendance would be a good fit.

SiriusDecisions 2019 Technology Exchange, Denver, December 10-11 – SiriusDecisions invites Sales, Marketing and Product professionals to understand the technology of the industry and how to weave it into strategy and business to drive growth.

Hypergrowth, London, Boston or San Francisco – Attend one of the three Hypergrowth conferences this year in one of the 3 cities listed above on June 10 (London,) September 3, (Boston,) or November 18 (San Francisco.) A quickly growing B2B Marketing and Sales event without the sponsorships, badge scanners or trade-show booths.

This is just a short list of major conferences that you should consider if they’re relevant to your industry. When you’re looking for a conference to attend, make sure you understand your business and challenges. Be sure you also walk away from every conference with actionable insights and learnings that you can apply when you get back to your desk.

Finally, don’t forget your business cards. Conferences, expos and events are not only great learning opportunities, but also networking opportunities where you can grow your personal brand as well as potential business.