KPI stands for key performance indicator. Marketers desperately need, hope, and crave valuable information from email KPI assessments. These metrics show your boss, and your entire organization, just how valuable the marketing department is in the success of your overall business.

The marketing department should at least be monitoring the KPI of email campaigns, as this is often the primary form of communication between your organization and customers, partners, and leads. You’re already sending them multiple times a week to multiple audiences and about multiple subjects!

Tracking and managing KPIs shows you your strengths and weaknesses in explicit detail, including stats to back up the point. Here’s what you’re amazing at! Here’s what you will be amazing at with more time and attention! Sharing this information with your boss helps improve your department on every level and across every project.

Here are some helpful KPIs on your email campaigns to report:

  1. Date: Be sure to include the year – 12 months will go by before you know it! Also, use the same naming convention, so that you can always sort by date.
  2. Subject lines: You should always test subject lines. Just make it a rule for every email you send and be sure to make note of exactly what they are. Also, marketing automation provides marketers the opportunity to split A/B test email subject lines on an audience with the same email. This is a great way to keep all the other aspects of an email constant while seeing exactly how well a subject line performed against another.
  3. Total sent: Number of emails sent is a measure of the size of your audience. This will be helpful when comparing email to email.
  4. Total delivered: Total number of emails delivered. This will always be less than the number of emails sent due to bounces and unsubscribes.
  5. General audience: Who are you sending this email to? At least mark this with a general label like ‘All Prospects’ or ‘Prospects – Segment: CFOs.’ Be mindful of the naming convention here, too.

Wait a second. Didn’t the title of this post say 17 KPIs? What gives? Download the rest of the list, as well as a worksheet to track and measure your own email campaign goals, by clicking here. Happy tracking!