Are you in the loop when it comes to the hottest Email Marketing Trends? Both new and seasoned email marketers can agree that email marketing has changed. If you want to stay on top, you need to lead in communication innovation. Please find below the Top 10 Email Marketing Trends that will make an appearance on the runway in 2015. See which ones you already have covered, as well as the ones you may need to make more of a focus!

1: Video Email

It’s more competitive than ever before to be noticed in someone’s inbox. We need to find better ways to deliver meaningful information at the ease of the consumer. That’s why it’s no surprise that a study by MarketingProfs indicates video in email is a growing trend. It offers buyers the option to engage with you in a different way than traditional email.

Video Email


2: Simplicity

The noise of the internet age will only become louder. We now see a counter culture response like never before that values simplicity and removal of that noise. Design captures that story, and our email communication strategies will start to reflect those values. Keep your emails simple and straightforward to cut through the noise.



3: Design for Mobile First

Over 41% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Desktop email clients were the preferred method of engagement only until 2012. This means for the past three years, your emails have been opened primarily through a mobile device! Do you cater your designs and calls to action primarily based on desktop engagement? Instead, shift your focus and design emails that are responsive to mobile technology. There is an increased shift in the way email marketing is done. You can’t afford to ignore the relevance of mobile.

Design for Mobile First


4: Data = Faster Evolution

Resources are more available for email marketers, content marketers, and channel marketers, and there will be an explosion of value placed on data and conversion metrics. This greatly affects the way that email campaigns are done. If data doesn’t already drive decisions in your marketing organization, it will soon. Executives have placed greater importance on the ability for marketers to track ROMI and become more agile. Data visualization will make email campaigns more effective and agile to evolve along with consumer needs. For example, B2B Lead Scoring is now more involved with the more data we are able to capture. Click on the image to learn more.

Data = Faster Evolution


5: Automated Marketing

Email marketing continues to become more integrated with other marketing activities. Time constraints will push for new and better processes to get the job done. We will see increased demand for automated campaign solutions that make marketing tasks more efficient. Multi-channel content marketing will become priority and marketers will need to employ new, time-saving technologies in order to focus on the quality of their content. A great example is how automated marketing can help you for your next event. Click below to see more on this subject!

Automated Marketing


6: Editorial Voice

Content marketing will continue to become the focus of many companies, particularly those in the B2B space. The value in quality, meaningful content will develop a relationship with your prospects built on trust. You become the authority on a topic that helps them rather than the company that always tries to sell them something. Focus on how you can help your customers solve problems. Then create good content around those solutions. This will drive higher lead engagement and conversion. Take a look at our resource page to see what this could look like for your business and marketing efforts!

Editorial Voice


7: Personalization

Buyers can now filter information they receive based on their preferences. They will choose to only engage with content that is specific to their needs, or appears to be so. More email marketers will join the movement against batch and blast email campaigns. They’ll shift towards personalised email content, lead nurture and remarket strategies.



8: Go Beyond the Click

Most email campaigns link to something. Because of this, we will begin to see more landing pages that are not only a part of the overall buyer’s journey, but are more closely tied to our email user experience. Trend setters that provide a good post-click experience for email recipients will earn major rewards in the form of lead engagement and conversion. Want to learn more about landing pages? Find out more by clicking the image!

Beyond the Click


9: Flat UI

This trend is a response to preceding UI development. Gone are the days of eye popping gradients and shadows, and here to stay are the candied, light and fresh look designs. You will identify this style by its emphasis on strong color, elegant typography, and strategic composition.

Flat UI


10: Animated GIFs

Similar to the trend in web experience, animated GIFs are making a comeback. They will now appear in email campaigns. Why? An animated GIF in an email grabs the attention of the recipient. Be forewarned: you need to keep it classy. It is always best practice to never overdo a trend or it will become cliche faster that it took to write this sentence.

Animated GIFs

Now that you know what our top picks are for email marketing, we want to know what you think is in the forecast. What kinds of email marketing trends work or don’t work? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.