Several months ago I met Robert Pease, the CEO of LoopFuse. Robert, like me, is passionate about delivering powerful solutions to marketers. Consequently, over the next few months, we spent hours over lunches, swapping stories, and envisioning the future.

We agreed that marketing automation tools had stopped short of fulfilling their true promise. Yes, they had done what their name suggests – automate marketing tasks. But, the value of marketing automation is more than just that. We also quickly realized that we share a passion for the power of simplicity and believe there is a better, more intuitive way to deliver marketing automation.

Although we were competitors, we shared a vision for where marketing automation needed to go, to truly deliver value beyond automating mundane marketing tasks. Our lunches and discussions centered around developing that vision into a clear picture.

I am thrilled to announce Sugar Market’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, acquisition of LoopFuse. We are excited to welcome their customers into our family. Even more, we are thrilled to bring their powerful technology and brilliant talent together with ours, to tackle delivering the vision Robert and I spent so many meals discussing – a simple, powerful solution that prescribes where and how a marketer should focus their efforts to yield the best results. Together with our new team members (and friends), Sugar Market is leading the next wave of marketing automation.