“Timing is everything.” It’s a saying we’ve all heard a thousand times in our lives. It’s a very relevant phrase that can be applied to a multitude of scenarios. Meeting the love of your life? Timing is everything! Starting a new business or job? Timing is everything! In life, work, love and more, good timing plays a crucial role in success. In my business life, the sequence and timing of certain events have given me unique opportunities that, had they come a week or month later, I would be in a completely different place and position in life. Hence, I very much appreciate and relish the fact that timing is so very important to success.

Like I do with many things, I try to apply life lessons to work. Since my work is marketing, I often think about and relate everything in and out of work to marketing. I recently presented a webinar for Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, customers on the topic of nurture marketing. If ever there was a marketing technique that demanded “good timing,” it’s nurture marketing program development. Part and parcel to core marketing automation functionality, nurture programs are defined by the ability to send relevant communications to the right people at the right time. Further to that, nurture programs are purpose built to tie both marketing and sales actions into a single campaign. In most marketing automation systems, a visual aid such as a tree designer aids the marketer in building out the logical sequence of email and non-email actions taken against an individual during the program flow.

In applying the axiom of “good timing” to nurture marketing we have to break down the mechanics of nurture programs into easily discernable steps.

As we see from the aforementioned items, timing, in various formats, is a critical component to good nurture program design.  Follow the tips above and you’ll be closer to getting the timing right.