If only your company’s sales and marketing departments were like two angry cats. All you would have to do is put them in a room together, let them fight it out, and after a couple hours they would emerge as allies – licking each other and purring.

Okay, maybe we don’t want a group of successful, driven adults taking part in such a spectacle, but we do want everyone to understand, respect, and collaborate with each other.

Across industries, there is a common rivalry between these front-of-the-cycle departments. Marketing thinks sales doesn’t appreciate the quality leads sitting in their laps. On the other hand, sales thinks marketing is full of it – what qualified leads?

Though the issue may be common, there is a relatively simple solution that too many companies are overlooking – marketing automation.

You need sales and marketing alignment to ensure company-wide success. It allows both departments to define shared terms, identify processes, and build best practices together. In fact, according to Aberdeen Research, companies with fully aligned sales and marketing departments experienced a 20 percent jump in annual revenue growth. Companies with no alignment in place suffer a 4 percent decline.

Salesfusion’s, becoming Sugar Market’s, latest B2Best Practice document details three simple steps to reach sales and marketing alignment nirvana. Click here to download the document and discover for yourself how marketing automation can help bring peace to your company.