We’ve all been there… you’re finally on the plane, headed home from what felt like a great show, but it’s not over yet. If you’re like me, you have some business cards in your purse, some in your laptop bag, and a few CSVs from the event scanner in your email. All the while thinking, I need to get these uploaded to Sugar Market, previously Salesfusion, ASAP tomorrow.. But what’s the process?

Events can be four, five, or even six figure investments. The networking and brand recognition from being present is critical, but, of course, so is the follow up and continuing nurture of the leads collected.

In a busy tradeshow season like we have now, it’s critical to have a well defined follow up process that is agreed upon in advance by both sales and marketing. The follow up process contains both systems (CRM and MAP) processes and people processes. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the event and, may be involved after the event, to know the game plan without having to reinvent or restate the process each time.

We’ve recently revised our process. Our marketing team wrote up the process and created the MAP upload template. Then we shared the newly written process with our sales leadership to suggest any modifications and sign off. As many of our internal process are, its extremely detailed and customized!  Here are some questions we asked ourselves and takeaways that may benefit your event follow up process:

Now its time to upload the template. We’ve created a standard event template spreadsheet which allows straggler business cards to be input along with a spreadsheet of scans (if the trade shows you attended had badge scanners).

After each trade show, marketing should share the populated template with any leads marketing has access to (scans, cards) to sales leadership. They can then ensure any additional contacts are added to the sheet so all relevant leads can be attributed to the event spend inside of Sugar Market (its all about revenue attribution and ROI!). Sales can also confirm in the sheet if the leads being uploaded are prospective partners (resellers and referral partners) or direct prospects. Sales then gets the document back to marketing within 24 hours.

Follow these quick steps to finish the process:

  1. Once the template is complete, marketing uploads the spreadsheet to Sugar Market within the event module to assign the correct lead score and attribute the correct lead source and sub lead source to support future funnel reporting.
  2. If a lead already exists in Sugar Market it will not not create duplicates, but rather the lead score and event history is updated.
  3. Once marketing has uploaded the list, everything roles out very smoothly from there. SQLs are pushed into the CRM for sales to call on and any leads that are held back from SQL status are nurtured.

And there you have it!  Leads are where they belong, being nurtured and routed, and spend is attributed safely and accurately in Sugar Market. Most importantly no one (not even the newest sales guy on the team!)  is left saying, What do I do with these business cards?

On to the next one!