Solution providers don’t intentionally lie. In fact, there is probably a datapoint, analyst quote or sincere sentiment available to help support just about any claim. That makes it necessary to dig a little deeper and make your own informed decisions. Below are just a few of the most common misconceptions.

1.Technology will solve your problems.

We all wish it was this easy. You’ve evaluated all the options, selected the best solution and now you want to wave a magic wand and see results. While technology is great at improving productivity, effectiveness and analysis, it alone cannot fix everything. Technology is simply an enabler. You must still make sure you have the right strategy, processes and procedures in place to support it. For example, good luck aligning sales and marketing without first putting Service Level Agreements in place that define each lead stage and criteria for moving to the next. No technology can automate the handoff between sales and marketing without this. And if you haven’t thought about these things, be sure to choose a provider that can help you map this out before you implement the solution.

2. We will be just as attentive after the sale.

A good salesperson becomes a trusted advisor. You probably even form a good rapport with them during the sales process. But, what happens after you sign the dotted line? Is there a customer success team or people dedicated to making sure you get the most value from the solution? Make sure that the provider doesn’t just walk away after the sale and leave you to fend for yourself. You should feel comfortable with the approach and level of support you will receive after the sale.

3. Bigger is Better.

It is definitely important to pick a provider who isn’t going to go out of business tomorrow, but just because one provider is bigger than another, does not inherently make it better. Yes, you should make sure that a provider has referenceable customers and is financially secure. But is someone better at providing value to you because of their size? Probably not. In fact, you might just get more attention and better support if you don’t get lost among a huge customer base. Getting personalized, hands on approach goes along way when using new technology.

There are a lot of great marketing technologies out there that can drive value for your business. As you look at them, challenge the status quo and keep in mind these most common misconceptions. It’ll help you make a decision that’s best suited for your needs.