Last year I had the pleasure of managing our new office build out in Buckhead and am so grateful for the experience. Nothing beats the weekly progression of a complete overhaul and redesign of an old space. It’s a rare opportunity that you get to see clear-cut, tangible progression with quick but major changes – walls being put up, carpet installed, the look (and smell) of fresh paint; each seemingly minor change making a world of difference in the overall look and feel of our new space. So when I saw the call for twitter pictures to  “Show Us The Coolest Office Space In Atlanta” of course my thought was, “Oh, that’s definitely Sugar Market!” I may be a little partial given how close I was to the project, but we have the Sugar Market Cool Factor.

Then came the suggested bullet points: ball pit, nerf bullets stored in a chandelier, beer dispensing vending machine. Maybe thats not Sugar Market. Sure we have the kegerator, scooters, ping pong table and giant beanbags, but we’re not “ball pit and slides cool”. We might not be able to compete with a slide in the office (that’s pretty amazing) but who we are as an organization is what gives us a high  “cool factor.” That isn’t something easily portrayed through photos or a list of office perks.

What sets us apart is our unique group of people. The engineering and product teams who put in extra hours so we can launch a new client-requested feature. Our marketing and sales teams who are road warriors, attending trade show after trade show to meet customers and prospects in person. Our rock-star customer support from Onboarding and Technical Support to Client Success Managers who go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy and successful. Finally, our corporate team, who can sometimes take on the most random of tasks, such as keeping our kegerator stocked to Costco runs for snacks.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a more passionate group of people. These are the things in my eyes that make us exceptionally cool.

We’re a team full of passionate, bright, hard working people who care deeply about the success of our company. Sometimes our passion leads us in different directions but at the end of the day we sync up, redirect, and all move toward a common goal. Could our office be a little more fun if we added a ball pit or a slide? Absolutely. Would it make us any cooler? Nope. Our cool factor is driven by the incredible team we have in place here.

Now for a shameless plug – we’re hiring! Sugar Market is growing fast and is looking for exceptional people to add to our rock-solid team. Check out our open roles here.