The rivalry between the marketing and sales departments is a tale as old as time. Sales reps often feel that marketing isn’t bringing them enough quality leads. On the other end of the spectrum, marketing is convinced that sales has plenty of leads to choose from and simply not taking advantage of the gold mine in front of them.

So far in this series, we’ve focused on marketing and lead generation, but what is sales lead generation? Can’t the other department that is so fiercely devoted to this issue help as well?

Sales lead generation is accomplished by sales reps who are actively engaged in sharing marketing content, educating potential buyers, and being receptive to feedback and questions. The best sales lead generation services are the reps’ own social media accounts. Encourage your sales department to create professional Twitter profiles and be active members of the LinkedIn community.

Here are five proven ways to increase B2B sales lead generation:

  1. Interact with customers on social media by checking in with them – satisfied customers are excellent referral sources.
  2. Have sales reps share marketing collateral and repost PPC campaigns from your company LinkedIn or Facebook pages.
  3. Submit guest blogs on other websites for sales reps to share in their social media profiles. Even encourage them to comment on the posts so a potential lead will recognize them as a member of your team.
  4. Research different LinkedIn groups for sales reps to join and start discussions on, so their seen as reputable industry educators more interested in sharing knowledge then selling.
  5. Include industry hashtags in tweets and have reps monitor the top hashtags potential buyers are searching.

Establish an organized and structured sales lead generation process. This process will help reps verify how far along in the buying cycle the lead is, how they’ve already interacted with your company or products, and what they still have left to learn.

Marketing automation is a great sales lead generation software because it can be accessed by both sales and marketing – creating an open line of communication and transparency across departments. Do make sure that marketing is aware of when, how, and where sales is reaching out to leads, so their tactics and messaging are approved.

See, maybe we can work together! After all, both sales and marketing work to increase sales and bring in qualified, happy customers who will be loyal to our company for years to come.