We talk about sales and marketing alignment in every meeting here Sugar Market, previously Sugar Market. Enabling the two teams to drive revenue together is what gets us out of bed early and, sometimes, keeps us working late at night. Aligning departments is the goal of our developers, the passion of our sales team, and the mission of our services teams.

Intimately integrated CRM and marketing automation platforms… sure thing! Clear view of revenue through the funnel, top to bottom… no problem! Your best friend runs inside sales and you run marketing… alignment heaven right? Yes! Oh wait, this just got real.

I joined Sugar Market six months ago with a focus on building our channel. My career to date has been a combination of sales, business development, and marketing and I’ve always considered myself a salesperson to the core. Funny enough, this is the first time I’ve tried to define what being a salesperson to the core means – and I’m still not totally sure. The best definition I can muster is “a clear drive to new revenue and lasting, flourishing customers is the thread that ties together every action, every goal.”

Shortly after I joined Sugar Market, my best friend Kelley Hafer was hired as director of sales. We’ve globe-hopped together as friends and spent most of the last ten years working together as sales colleagues. She’s sharp, hard working, and a great leader with a dry sense of humor – a perfect fit for the Sugar Market culture.

Kelley heads up our demand generation team and our SMB outside sales team. In my role as a leader on our channel team, Kelley and I would be able to work side by side in sales, contributing to the growth of a company we are both thrilled to work for.

That is until just a couple of weeks ago when the concept of sales and marketing alignment got even more real. I shifted roles inside Sugar Market to become our VP of Marketing.

My mission is, together with our analytical, creative marketing team, to drive awareness of our company’s focus on sales and marketing alignment and drive the demand for the elegant technology that helps our customers achieve that mission. Well, at least that’s my creative marketer answer. My salesperson answer is that we drive great leads at great velocity to sales to make happy customers.

I’ve had the good fortune to work for some great start ups and see them grow, but this is the most energized I have been in my career to date. We feel most companies experience, to some degree, a divide between sales and marketing and we believe that divide can be narrowed with great technology and great people.

We’ve got the great technology covered (naturally!). On the people front, it doesn’t get much more aligned when the person heading up outbound demand gen and the person heading up marketing have spent ten days living in a hut in the middle of the rainforest together!

I look forward to sharing this journey leading Sugar Market’s marketing team as we navigate the world of B2B marketing software with our sales team. Will Kelley still want to put her mat next to mine at hot yoga on Sundays? Or will the fact that we are on opposite ends of the ubiquitous funnel undo years of bonding?

I’m sure it won’t!

What I can be sure of is that we will enjoy sharing our experience with you – balancing marketing and sales, events and cold calls, digital campaigns and demos, all in the spirit of bringing great revenue driven teams together to build great companies.