Starting with a new company is always an adventure. You’re excited to be part of something different but, at the same time, you want to make sure that you bring something valuable to the table. You have to feel out the new team of which you will be a part, things like: company culture, individual personalities, personal contributions, and customer perceptions. I want to share some of my experiences from the first couple of months working here at Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market, as the new kid in town.

Culture: I came to join the Salesfusion team through the recent LoopFuse acquisition. I have supported customers in their marketing automation efforts since Dec. 2009 and have learned quite a bit about the processes needed to be successful. Fortunately for me, the vision of the future of marketing automation that LoopFuse had was also shared by the team at Salesfusion. This allows me to continue advising people on best practices, offering marketing solutions when they need them, and to be part of the team that will bring a smarter marketing automation platform to the market.

Personalities: It’s probably no secret to the LoopFuse customers I’ve supported over the years, but I’ve been able to work remotely as part of a talented team distributed across the country. Now I am able to come in to the Salesfusion office and have the opportunity to engage with a larger number of smart, driven individuals in a collaborative way. The level of talent at Salesfusion is excellent and I can see why customers choose to sign on with a team of knowledgeable, personable people. After all it’s not just the software you’re purchasing, it’s also the people who support, train, and advise you on the platform.

Personal Contributions: As anyone does who starts a new job, I had concerns about my personal contributions to the team. After all, I was moving from a team of less than ten to a much larger one. Would I be able to stand out? Would my talents match their needs when someone already existed in the role that I had filled at my previous company? Those concerns were gone within hours. It’s not just about the position you fill at a company, but also the knowledge that you gather along the way.

Customer Perceptions: One of the greatest things about working for LoopFuse has been the customers. They have been great advocates for our product and believed in the direction we were headed. As we join the Salesfusion team, we have the opportunity to bring our ideas to market faster and to a wider audience. Recently, Venture Beat included LoopFuse in their top ten as the “most recommended” MA platform.

The marketing automation space is headed for some interesting times. I’m excited to be part of a great team as we move into the next phase of smart marketing. If you aren’t a customer yet, I hope you join us soon and take advantage of a great team and a fantastic product.