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  • When trying to generate traffic to your website with common buyer persona problems
  • When establishing yourself as an industry leader

About Creating “How-To” Blogs

How-to blog templates may take a number of forms, but the basic skeleton usually adheres to a proven format. The language of the post is teaching a reader how-to do something, while the underlying tone is setting the writer up as an expert in the field and possibly leading the reader towards a conversion action.

How-to blogs also serve as a great way to give a website optimized content for the major search engines. Informative posts have the ability to serve a company as a valuable point of contact for many years after the initial posting.

Planning Your How-to Post

The Soul

First, identify your audience so that you can speak to a topic that interests them. The organic traffic you get from initial views will drive the search engines to the post as well. You can most effectively identify your audience through a buyer persona.

Secondly, you want to determine the action that your buyer personas will take after they read the article. Will they be prompted to view your website? Are you open to receiving additional questions about the topic area? You may have additional information contained behind an information wall. Use a customer journey template to determine if a how-to article will best drive a particular buyer persona towards a particular action.

The Outline

After you create the marketing soul for your post, you can start creating the actual content. How will you establish credibility with your audience so they will take the action you want?

The introduction should introduce a problem that your audience has and empathize with them on it. When all else fails, you can check relevant Twitter hashtags.

The body should explain the steps towards a solution in detail. Each step should explain exactly how the reader will fix the problem.

The conclusion can give a call to action such as leading the reader to additional resources. You will likely want to do this in an indirect way.

The Meat

As you put meat on the bones of your outline, make sure you are following rules to optimize your content. For instance, titles that start out with “X Steps to…” are incredibly popular because of their formatting.

Keep a consistent tone as you describe each step, and use transition words between each step and into the conclusion. Our template will give you the outline for creating a great how-to post on any topic for any audience.

Download the How-To Blog Template

Use the template like a map for creating the perfect How-To post. When in doubt, create one, promote it, watch the results, tweak your tactics and try again. As with all marketing, the proof is in the numbers!

If you use infographics don’t forget to download our Infographic Design Template!