I make a killer fresh salsa. Over the years I have developed my technical skills to the point that my salsa is a popular request at all sorts of social gatherings. Sure I may be bragging a bit, but when you can bring in $65 per quart in a charity auction, you know you have something special.

Just like a well-proven recipe, marketing automation software can generate success such as a 178 percent increase in deals if you start with the right software and get your processes in place to take advantage of it:

Start with a good recipe:

Tweak the recipe:

Refine the technique:

Marketing automation can be a success or a failure, depending on who is cooking up the recipe. Given the same basic ingredients, instructions, and techniques, a marketing automation plan can still fail if it’s not executed properly. You may get decent results if you just grab a recipe off the shelf and copy what others have done, but you won’t see true success until you take some time to tweak and refine your processes to suit your needs.