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  • Create and develop a social media plan
  • Identifying social media trends
  • Audit current social media plan
  • Analyze competitors social media efforts
  • Establish a comprehensive strategy

About the Social Media Strategy Template

Using a social media marketing strategy template is one of the best ways to ensure that your company consolidates as much social media into a particular time frame as possible. Utilizing a social media content calendar template will also help you keep track of your content ensuring you have a successful social media strategy that is converting. There are so many advantages to using a social media strategy template. The old saying “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” describes how social media planning works. Setting goals and carving a way for those goals to be achieved will be important when putting together a strategy for social media.

How to Use the Social Media Strategy Template

Creating Facebook posts or Twitter hashtags one at a time does not do much for discovering the larger picture of what works. However, if there is more thought and strategy in each that can be mapped out according to the plan, they can be viewed from a larger perspective. You will be able to attach a personality and a direction to your marketing strategy, creating more effective and larger reaching campaigns in the future. Use this template as a guide and follow the steps in this PowerPoint to create a plan to be presented and shared with your company.

Why Use a Social Media Strategy Template?

There is often a huge disconnect between departments when it comes to the goals of the company’s marketing. The differences of opinion are usually based on the distance from the end user to the decision maker of that department. For instance, the front line sales reps who communicate with customers on a day-to-day basis will usually have a much shorter time frame for marketing than the CMO of the company, who is less interested in day-to-day profits than in quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year trends.

Departments such as Research & Development or IT that are less interested in marketing still benefit from understanding the plans of the company. Imagine if your R&D department could design the future iterations of your product based upon your buyer’s profile rather than going blind. How much easier would the job of your sales reps be? A social media plan template communicates a plan across departments, even the departments that do not have a direct association with marketing.

Download our Social Media Strategy Template

If you have not downloaded your own social media marketing plan template, make sure that you take this simple and effective action for your company as soon as possible. The earlier that you learn to use this template, the faster that you will be able to find trends in your postings, analyze the results that you get and make changes on the fly to improve your social media campaign in real time.