Whether you like it or not, people are talking about your company on social media. Hopefully they’re singing your praises with an excess of heart and smiley face emojis. However, many of them have questions for you… or complaints (sorry for the reality check, but people air their grievances online).

Social media is a mainstream form of business communication – your sales reps must be active across accounts. After all, the sales department is the liaison between your company and the outside world – promoting content, educating leads, and closing the buying cycle.

Here are the top four social media sites your sales department should be active on with tips on how they should approach engagement:

  1. Twitter: This should be an obvious choice. Your sales team should be implementing Twitter to reach out to potential buyers. Have reps monitor industry hashtags and search people on the look out for your products and services – they can reach out with more information about your company and link to digital content, too.
  2. LinkedIn: We all, hopefully, know the benefits of LinkedIn to broaden  business networks. But make sure your sales reps are active across the board – sharing content on their profiles, joining industry groups, and engaging in conversations by linking to outside articles and commenting on posts by others.
    • Consider investing in paid LinkedIn accounts for everyone on your sales team. It’s a relatively small investment that will broaden the social reach – and your company’s as well!
  3. Facebook: Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t the marketing powerhouse we once thought it could be. Banner ads and promoted updates are annoying to the average user. Have sales reps approach corporate Facebook as they would their personal account – monitoring “likes” on your company page to grasp customer engagement.
    • Consider Facebook as a platform for brand awareness. Reps can highlight your company culture by sharing pictures and videos.
  4. Pinterest: In this scenario, sales reps implement Pinterest in much the same way as the marketing department – pinning products and digital content to your company boards. Pinterest recently launched a business platform, making it easier to monitor user engagement. Don’t knock it til you try it.

Sales reps should be your eyes and ears across social media – finding the right buyers at the right time, passing along information, and educating leads. Even after leads become customers, reps are often still the face of your company. Customers with questions or (gulp) complaints will appreciate a familiar face reaching out and passing the issue along to marketing or customer service.