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  • Company social posting organization
  • Scheduling social posts on a month to month basis
  • Overview of social media plan and scheduling
  • Streamline when your social posting will occur

About Social Media Content Calendar Template

There are many different reasons to create a marketing calendar template for your company. However, the creation process is usually the same, because the concept of the calendar is similar across the board. As a matter of fact, the best calendar templates play upon the familiarity most people have with a normal calendar. If you want to create an easy-to-use, convenient resource that can be used across departments to consolidate a plan for all social media channels, the social media calendar template is a must have.

The social media calendar is a social calendar for your marketing schedule. Solidify your plans and download it before you start spending money, time or manpower online for no reason.

  • Creating a visual that will encourage a marketing team to efficiently implement an ongoing schedule of social media content creation
  • Engaging separate departments within a company to the same goal, with respect to a particular synergy between the marketing and the sales departments
  • Consolidating multiple lines of social listening and communications options into a single document that can be easily analyzed and improved on the fly
  • Opening the door for next steps in a social media program
  • Setting a precedent for other editorial calendar projects that may need to be employed in a company’s marketing program

How to Use a Social Media Content Calendar Template

Fewer companies than you might think implement a template strategy for their marketing campaigns. Marketing can be quantified quite readily into a calendar format. Here is how to use that calendar to your benefit.

1 – Use a separate spreadsheet for each month of the year. You should find your daily routine broken up by the day or by the hour depending on the scale of your activities.

2 – Make sure that each month contains these five pieces of basic information: the topic or theme of the content, copy of what the post is going to say, any links that will be used in the post to either have 3rd party articles or to use for the image link that will be posted, and the social media channels that you will use to promote your efforts.

3 – Match your KPIs to your columns, and increase your rows as your volume of work increases, which should happen over time.

Why Use a Social Media Content Calendar Template?

Being organized with your company’s social media posting is important to your content marketing strategy. Keep your company on track and organized by using this template. Keeping all the platforms organized is the biggest challenge for companies and using our social media cheat sheet is another great tool. Having a good social media presence starts with outstanding organization.

Download our Social Media Content Calendar Template

Using a social media template correctly will shave hours off of your workday while improving your online marketing efficiency. Download your template today and begin improving your schedule.

Schedule, Publish & Track Social Campaigns Across Platforms Using a Single MAP.

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