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  • Reduce the amount of time spent sizing ads for social media.
  • Effectively reach your audience with appropriately sized ad.
  • Follow the guidelines for each social ad platform to create the right sized images

About the Social Advertising Cheat Sheet

Writing effective content for your marketing campaign is important, but you also need an image. Not just any image will do. This Social Advertising Cheat Sheet answers the question so many of today’s marketers have: What is the best size photo, or other digital medium, to place on your social media pages to minimize any risk of not meeting site-specific requirements. With a clear, easy-to-follow, social advertising cheat sheet, you can ensure each of your custom images fit each ad platform properly.

This cheat sheet gives you a reference to use when creating your social media ads on all of the most commonly used social media sites. This includes information for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Ensure you remain in compliance with all size requirements.

How to Use the Social Advertising Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is a must-have for any marketer that wants an easy and accurate way of sizing images appropriately for any social networking, advertising, and media ad campaigns. You can use it as you move from one ad platform to the next, getting the right sized media in place every time. When you download and use this cheat sheet, you never have to worry that you are inserting the wrong image or spending countless amounts of time and money customizing an image that turns out to be the wrong size. Simply follow the guidelines to create the perfectly sized image for your marketing campaign every time.

Optimize each of the images you want to add and use in your marketing campaign to fit your target audience and the message you have. Then, size it appropriately based on the type of media you are using and the platform’s very specific requirements.

Why Use the Social Advertising Cheat Sheet

Aside from missing the required sizing from the large social media sites, there are other concerns with not using the right sized image in your marketing campaign. For example, without effective image ad sizes customized to the proper platform, your company’s ads will be disapproved, resulting in wasted time and money.

Download Our Social Advertising Cheat Sheet

Stop looking for the different ad sizes in multiple places and find them all in one place. Download our Social Advertising Cheat Sheet right now and ensure you always have an easy-to-use guide to sizing your ads properly.