What a year its been!  I joined the Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market, marketing team in mid-2014 and looking back am amazed at what’s been accomplished and how our marketing team has evolved.  Thankfully many of us were able to take time to spend with family, travel and just generally decompress a bit over the last couple of weeks.  A well-deserved break!

As we come back together in this busy, first full business week of the year, perhaps nothing is more important for our marketing team than getting excited and on the same page (new year’s resolution number 1: no longer use the word aligned) right out of the gates.  Here are four things a marketing leader (or any leader for that matter!) should prioritize in these first days of the new year:

Take a few minutes to reflect on a job well done.

It can be all to easy when you get back to work on January 5th to enthusiastically dive into the long list of to-do’s and planning.  I don’t know about you, but by Tuesday afternoon this week it felt like we were already in February!  As tempting as it is to only look forward, the best thing we can do as a team in our first meetings back together is take a few minutes to reflect on what we accomplished last year.

It’s amazing to see what was achieved when you take the time to make the list of accomplishments.  Look how far we came after all that hard work!  Taking the time to reflect on how our team and company has evolved provides the base for empowering everyone with the confidence to accelerate into the new year.

Quickly rally around the plan.

In any team it can be tough to warm those gears up and get the brain going again!  A common pitfall is for teams to ‘go through the motions’ in January before really ramping up as looking Q1 targets approach.  Taking time to create a fresh version of your overall team’s simply stated goals and short list of KPI’s is key.  I find just a one page version is perfect.  One page for the team overall and one page per role if possible is ideal.  While these are certain to evolve over the coming months, a working version of what we are working towards is key.

Simplify around less and do it really, really well.

The momentum of the new year can bring the temptation of doing everything you did last year… but of course better, faster and plus ‘a whole bunch of other new stuff.’  Oh, and as soon as possible.  While the pace of the year and the evolution of the business plan and objectives may mean at the end of the day you end up doing exactly that (didn’t it in 2014?), starting the year with a narrowed focus is key.

Don’t forget to have a lot of fun.

The power of our marketing team is absolutely our people.  Sure we’ve got amazing technology (of course!) but Salesfusion is a powerful tool in the hands people that fuel it with creative strategy and amazing content.  We are lucky to have some amazing creative hard working individuals who together they are greater than the sum of their parts (new year’s resolution number 2: no longer use the word synergy).  Shaking off the tinsel and accelerating into a new year should to come with fun and team energy right out of the gates.

Here’s to a great 2015 from our Marketing team to yours!