We’ve all heard the overused phrase, “content is king”. But let’s be real … with over 400,000,000 search queries per minute, what good is content if it’s not getting noticed? Unfortunately, without the results to back it up, content alone isn’t worth much. However, there is a trick to ensuring your content is getting in front of the right people at the right time – search engine optimization (SEO).

This SEO quick tips video takes a quick look at four major SEO tactics you should be incorporating in each piece of content you produce. Putting the right SEO efforts in your strategy is the key to getting noticed.

Transcript of the Video

Content may be king, but with over four hundred million search queries per minute, how do you know your content is getting in front of the right people at the right time?

The trick – search engine optimization.

Well optimized content gives search engines the fuel to continue attracting new audiences long after you’ve stopped promoting it. But how do you achieve a top ranking SEO strategy?

For starters, identify and prioritize your industry’s target keywords and sprinkle them naturally throughout your copy. And be sure to include a few links. Backlinks from external sources and adding relevant internal links help boost your authority.

When it comes to web copy, how you format your content matters. Using header tags not only keeps things neatly organized for readers, it helps search engines better understand what your post is about.

And as with any strategy, always measure your results. Start by taking a benchmark to see where you rank for your target keywords and then track any changes to show which SEO efforts are paying off.

Shannon Matthews, Marketing Communications Manager