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  • Directs the attention of your target audience to your content immediately
  • Creates additional visibility within the major search engines
  • Improves the longevity of online marketing posts
  • Creates an attractive description of your content for embedding and sharing across multiple platforms
  • Directly increases the click through rate (CTR) in Google ad campaigns

SEO Meta Description Templates: Ensuring Visibility and Relevance

The meta description sounds like an esoteric concept that should immediately be outsourced, but its purpose is simple: It entices more relevant consumers to click through to your content from Google.

Just think for a second, how many times did you choose one of the results from Google because you felt like that little description under the blue link almost answered your question? Tons of times! Although Google has stated that on page SEO meta descriptions do not directly affect the search ranking, organic traffic and low bounce rates does. In short, great SEO creates a positive feedback loop of organic traffic and increased visibility that will expose your content to relevant consumers.

Good meta descriptions include action verbs and relevant keyword phrases to entice both organic visitors and search engines to respond positively. A description should be at least 135 characters and max out at 160, although there is no magic number. As Google improves its algorithms, this number will go up.

Structured content such as rich snippets are great as long as you focus on some technical aspect of the product that you are selling. People like to see details in headlines – it engenders a natural trust and a curiosity for an already interested party to click through and find out more.

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